Why are some people so dependent on drugs?

Why are some people so dependent on drugs? Topic: A research on drug abuse
June 17, 2019 / By Barrett
Question: Why do you think most people are very dependent on drugs whether its medicinal or recreational? What are your thoughts? Over the counter, prescriptions, etc.
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Yolonda Yolonda | 8 days ago
Well this is all dependent, unlike what the first person said some people actually get perscribed a normal dosage and dont abuse the drug at all yet develop a dependency. Like people with anxiety issues take .5 mg of xanax but after a while their body and brain tells them they need that or else they will have a panic attack. So their body thinks it needs the medication to survive so it makes you dependent on it I myself have once been addicted to drugs for recreational use. XTC for example was my main one. It didnt have anything to do with not wanting to deal with my life or having pain that otherwise cant be fixed, thats actually a very small percentage of why ppl use them recreationally. The other 2 answers are ignorant theyve probably never done drugs.... anyways, i did it because it felt good, made music better, i bonded really well with friends, life was exciting and who would want to pass that up? eventually though my body got way too used to having the chemical and it felt like i had to pop 8 tabs a night just to feel anything and i wanted that feeling i had when i first took XTC to come back (it never will ever come back and hit like it does your first experiences). I eventually ODed on over 24 tabs in one night and considering lethal limit is 8 im pretty lucky OTC drugs such as tylenol is taken daily by millions of people to relieve headache symptoms and after a while a dependency will develop to the point you will have headaches unless you take tylenol. So peoples bodies crave it to fix the head issue. Everyone has a dependency on something and its not hard to get it. Some are way more addictive than others, like recreational drugs, so thats the crap you hear about, no ones going to talk about a tylenol addict living on their street, but a coke addict? yea the whole world will talk about them because its taboo. If medical marijuana took away all pain and stress of cancer and kept you alive years and years past when you were supposed to die would you not want a dependency on that? Who knows what would happen if they quit? They feel the pain and stress everything is causing from the cancer, and are you going to get on to cancer patients about just "trying to escape the pain" or as an easy way out? hell no, theyre dying, the drug helps, they develop a dependency. Once again this shows you the ignorance of people who dont do research and just post "drugs are bad and everyone who does them is bad" crap because thats what they grew up into rkbtoo: i guess people with cancer, post tramatic stress disorder, bi polar disorder, heart disease and millions of other cases are just losers who cant handle their own lives huh? OH WAIT! i forgot, if they dont get help then they die or go crazy! well crap nevermind then you were wrong
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Sheenagh Sheenagh
Chemical dependence may be physical or mental --- or both It is difficult, at times, to determine, even with testing. Many suffering from PTSD or depression are even more susceptible than others to certain medications--- and the those with physical pain may also be. It is fortunate that today there are clinics to assist in management of pain and monitoring medications. Withdrawal can be extremely difficult for mental or physical dependency.
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Pauleen Pauleen
I'm not going to lie, I smoke Marijuana recreationaly. But some of the people i see are super dependent on it and other drugs. I think it's because there weak minded and cant get happy unless there on drugs. It's stupid if you ask me.
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Mariana Mariana
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