Is going back to college just a bad idea?

Is going back to college just a bad idea? Topic: Case state aid for college
July 17, 2019 / By Bart
Question: Im 31 now and decided to go back to college to finish something that I've always wanted to do. I do have 2 associates already but having a hard time finding work with them. I'm currently taking 9 hours online from a state university and work a decent full time job that gets me by without even factoring in the cost of school. The problem stems from having enough financial aid ($9500 stafford loan) to cover tuition yet very little for living expense. I've tried private loans but have been declined by all the major ones(Sallie Mae, Discover, Wells Fargo) I absolutely have to attend the campus next fall as most of my degree courses are not online. I know many many people work and go to school and my case is no different. However, my current job wont allow me any flexibility and 30 miles away from campus so I will have to find another job. (gas would be roughly $200 a month in travel even *IF* I could make it work) I don't expect to get much over a minimum wage job in a college town and need $1100 a month for just basic expenses. However when I add up the numbers, I just don't think I'll be able to afford it working on a near minimum wage job. I doubt many landlords and electric companies care how good my excuse is for not paying the bills. I can't exactly depend on luck to get me through the next 3 years. When I ask people I know, most everyone would say follow your dreams and all the other blind inspirational speeches typical of decisions like this. However, there's reality to consider and blind faith that "'ll get through it somehow" doesn't supersede reality. Should i just abandon my dream and take my losses on the current loans? Im going back for Electrical Engineering and you definitely can't do this online. Even with credits from previous college, I still have over 2 years of EE core classes and labs. Some have prereqs so I cant cram them all in at once. Also, EE involves higher math classes that I need to complete as well.
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Zandra Zandra | 1 day ago
Every one right now is ahving a hard time finding work regardless of education level. I would stay where you are at right now. Don't give up your full time job and struggle to get by. Try finding another online college that has the classes you need online so you don't have to move and go on campus. You don't say what your next major is or I would put some links to colleges on here but try Ashworth University as a starting point. Also maybe try getting a Bachelors from one of your Associates, maybe that will help you find a job instead of getting a new degree?
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