How can a country have free education?

How can a country have free education? Topic: Essays regarding education
June 17, 2019 / By Bartlet
Question: Need help with persuasion on an essay. I am almost done and need to propose how america can have a free education system. Any ideas and thoughts would be great THANKS!
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Zavannah Zavannah | 3 days ago
Sorry, but there is no "free" higher education :). There are only different ways of financing education. Most nations decide to finance education through taxes, ensuring that as many people as possible have access to higher education. Generally, higher educated people generate higher incomes, pay more taxes, expand the economy and help creating new jobs. The system pays for itself, it is an investment in the future of a country. There is nothing socialistic about it, unless you define anything financed through taxes as socialistic...incl. the military, road construction, etc. Since you are writing a "persuasion essay" you may also want to check the cia world factbook and compare the results that the different systems (US vs. Europe) create in different countries with regards to wealth distribution, poverty levels, etc.
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College is not the only way to be successful. Go to a trade school and become a construction professional (plumber or electric), or restaurant chef, or a nurse. You will be able to earn OK money, and if you are good enough at it, you might be able to open your own business.

Shelia Shelia
In Australia for "free" education you just go through the public school system, but every year you pay a small fee of about $50 or so. Afterwards same through high school until you decide whether to go to University where if you need help paying fees the government helps nicely with student loans. If not community college for a very small amount. Not completely free & probably irrelevant to what you want but thats how it works here..
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Pauline Pauline
Taxes. Countries with Free Education generally have higher tax rates to pay for social securities such as healthcare, retirements, education, etc. Countries with high tax rates but do not have these are those managed by corrupt people. Anyway, these countries know that the future will be with the young so they try to ensure continuity by ensuring that education is available and even....free.
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Marigold Marigold
we already have public education until high school, if you mean college then the countries that have a free college education are places like sweden and denmark and they do it through taxes the same way public school is done in america, yes this would be an example of socialism
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Kourtney Kourtney
I believe it was Thomas Jefferson (but you need to check) who advocated that to work properly a democracy had to have educated, thoughtful voters. (That is also why the original voters were only land holders). Therefore, the Founding Father eventually established public education. (This was not an overnight instant thing.) An encylopedia artical on Thomas Jefferson would probably work in checking this out.
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