How did Disney start his empire?

How did Disney start his empire? Topic: Newspaper articles wiki
June 17, 2019 / By Bartley
Question: From what I've read Walt Disney started as a political cartoonist looking for work in editorial cartooning for newspapers and he got a job somewhere where someone gave him a camera and he experimented with animation. I've read the wiki article and my best friend being a Disney fan showed me a documentary of him. Though what I'm not sure how he started his own movie studio, tv shows, tv network and all the other stuff that happened after his passing 1966. The original Disney cartoons were produced by another studio, Disney worked with Universal. Had a few failing companies and then RKO Pictures or something like that. All I know was after the success of Snow White, that's when he started his own studios. But what's strange is when you do a movie, it's not like it's stable payment. Also how did he register a movie studio and get it to mainstream movie theaters? What's interesting is all the entertainment empires today like Viacom, Universal, Paramount (now owned by Viacom), most of how it started with one or three people at the time centuries ago just buying movie theaters or Nickelodeon theaters and their business because empires we see today after their passing. Anyway what I'm basicly asking is how did things go from Snow White which was animated by Disney and his rather small animation company at the time to the Entertainment Empire we see today?
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Zelia Zelia | 4 days ago
Theres a documentary movie about Walt Disney and the rise of the Disney empire entitled: Waking Sleeping Beauty. You can watch it online or purchase it at www.movieberry.com (see link) http://www.movieberry.com/waking_sleepin... It should include everything you need to know=) and its worth seeing
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