I just wrote the President of our country a letter. Can you read it and tell me what you think?

I just wrote the President of our country a letter. Can you read it and tell me what you think? Topic: Writing letter to a friend in spanish
July 16, 2019 / By Baruch
Question: Anything that is leading to citizenship for people that knowingly and illegally are here is an outrage. President Bush--- we are no longer friends!~ figuratively speaking "ofcourse". Just because people call you dumb, doesnt mean you have to act it out...like some kind of stagedance to the tune of democrats ranting.....welfare for the lazy....citizenship for ILLEGAL aliens! Are you out of your mind, do you have no respect for the law!~ who do you back??...Americans or criminals- and when I say criminals I mean ANYONE that breaks the law!!..........I dont care how sad the story, my brother has a misdemeanor on his record for stealing medicine for his children. Now he cant get a job!......thats HIS fault, he made the wrong choice, there were other paths he could have choose....I blame him!!!!~! now he knows "consequences" as well as all those around him. Keep this story in mind while you grant amnesty through a path to citizenship to CRIMINAL illegal aliens, if my AMERICAN brother is isnt good enough for amnesty then neither are illegal aliens. The 25% of those that are still for you are probably illegal aliens taking polls their not supposed to be taking. At what cost do you love criminals
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Best Answers: I just wrote the President of our country a letter. Can you read it and tell me what you think?

Zella Zella | 5 days ago
That is right and true. If illigal aliens get amnesty (majority of them is Mexicans) we Americans can kiss America good-bye because the Mexicans will own America. They will be the highest minority in this Country and you all know how the government plays favorites with the highest minority. Mexicans will own the government, and that means they also own America. Government and America comes as a whole package. So then the right words to say is "Hasta La Vista!" "Adios America!" The Prezzy can speak fluent Spanish, you all better start brushing up on their lingo.
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Zella Originally Answered: Should I write another follow-up letter? Already wrote a thank you letter and it has been a month but?
Send them a little note, thanking them once again for the interview. Say your curious about their decision and would like to know if there's any additional information they need from you to make a decision. Hope this helps.

Shelley Shelley
you see the junkee on the street, doing his drugs,passing out where he is at. Beggin change,prostituting whatever. Don't blame your brother. Love @ help him if you can. Truth is, the current ecconomics doesn't need all the people to function, and if you don't have that gift or that look, your on the low end. I promise you, every degenerate, pimpin,drug dealin, embesilin,low life thief has a purpose(obviously not doing what they are currently doing) but they do have a purpose, just not in the current economics. I may not like all of my neighbors, but I need them. There is no way I can raise my own food,raise the livestock,build my house,teach the children and weave the material for their cloths too. We do need to secure our borders,and we do need to know who is here. As far as the law is concernd,the current u.s.government has created this situation as another tool to keep some of my neighbors fighting. As long as we remain separate, we can't stop the real problem ---------- our current politicians !!! Why are we arresting, and in some cases jailing for 6 months line jumpers then driving them back to mexico. -----Stop them at the border, then make the mexican government send humanitarian aid to them. However, we need to stop making so much of a living off of what is destructive. we can stop the destruction only with unity and the willingness to change. we will only be truely secure when we, as a society, make more of a living off of life. please, lets re-evaluate what we value
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Peace Peace
President Obama reads all that insulting stuff but as usual does not allow himself to be distracted. You should revisit the presidential campaign debate. When Mc Cain tried to distract Barry by talking about him rather than the American people he never got distracted but remained focused as he is now.
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Marilene Marilene
This is a great day when people like your self write letters of concerned blab la bla la, like he or any of the assfu*ks in the three houses care they don’t we are on are own this time.
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Marilene Originally Answered: I want to write a letter to the president about my "school"?
Start with the state representatives and senators in the county/city the school is located. At least you will actually be able to talk to someone about the problem. I would get a bunch of people together on this if you're serious about it -- not just students if possible. There's power in numbers. Good luck!

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