Why school given such hard time?

Why school given such hard time? Topic: Writing letter in kindergarten
June 24, 2019 / By Barzillai
Question: ok i recently moved like a week ago. I went to my daughters school and told them that my daughter wont be going there no more. I even left them a written letter. But now they called me and told me that i have to go in a sign papers and release her from the school. Anyways thats not the only problem i am having. So i went to the new school and tried to register her for kindergarten and they said their was no room. That i will have to take her there and then a bus will take her to another school. I am pissed plus i can't register her until i have 2 proofs of address. which i only have the lease because i havent gotten no bill yet at this address. but now she has missed a week of school even though she is ahead of where she should be she loves school and tells me everyday when she is going to school. I dont know what to do.by the way i am in new york and the move was a one day to the next move very quickly because living situation got very bad was not a good enviorment for my daughter and even for me. so my husband found an apartment very fast.
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Zeruiah Zeruiah | 7 days ago
Schools have to follow laws that were written by others. Schools have to give reports to the government about their students, and the government loves paperwork, that is why you have to officially withdraw her. They also use it to make sure parents are sending their kids to school and not just keeping them at home. Proving your address is to keep people from lying about where they live in order to send their kids to good schools if they don't live inside the boundaries. This might be why her kindergarten is full. I am sorry that she will have to be bussed to a different kindergarten! That does happen sometimes when more kids live in the area but the school doesn't have enough classrooms for all of them. I was bussed to a different kindergarten back in 1959, until a new school was built closer to my neighborhood. It wasn't so bad. Little kids like riding school busses. It's okay if she missed some time because of the confusion. Her teachers won't think you're a bad parent. She will be able to catch up anything she misses since they repeat things to help kids memorize them.
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Shena Shena
You had to enroll your daughter into school and now you have to uninroll her so there is paper work involved. I have never heard of kindergarten classes getting to full but where I live your child must attend kindergarten so each school has around 4 classes. Since they are going to bus her they are solving the problem within their financial means which is good. When you move like that you usually drive your child to their old school unto you can enroll them into the correct school. They are following policy that is in several states.
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