I need a good youtube name? Suggestions?

I need a good youtube name? Suggestions? Topic: Newspaper writers needed
July 16, 2019 / By Bastian
Question: So... I'm going to start a new youtube account... But I need a really good name. I'm a writer, and my name is Hayley. I don't want xx or anything like that just a simple name. If you could come up with a name that i like you'll get 10 points! ha ha. thanks, so again here are some things you can use to incorporate into my user name: - My name is Hayley ♥ - I write stories and such - Make it somewhat simple, not too hard to remember - Not a lot of numbers - No xx's Thanks!
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Zilla Zilla | 1 day ago
Daily-Hayley... Hah it's weird, but it kinda sounds like a newspaper, you said you liked writing stories... and it rhymes! :)
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Sheri Sheri
umm idk what about Artistic Hayley .........yea im not good with usernames so u probably wont like this.
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