Im doing an essay on a crisis and i need to think of a topic?

Im doing an essay on a crisis and i need to think of a topic? Topic: What it means to be happy essay
July 17, 2019 / By Beelzebub
Question: the essay is a problem that the world has. its a persuasive essay, so we have to persuade someone why this should happen or why we need this. i want something with a bit of a challenge, but i don't know what.
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Best Answers: Im doing an essay on a crisis and i need to think of a topic?

Zowie Zowie | 7 days ago
if your question means that you need to persuade the reader that the crisis needs to happen, then i hope that this makes sense. Just know that whatever you pick the crisis is there for a reason, without problems with economy, natural disaster, hunger, sickness, and drought upon man other things, without great loss and devastation how will happiness exist? We would never know the feeling of happiness or love if we didn't have anything bad to compare it to, people wouldn't long to be happy if they knew what it was like to hit rock bottom. I just thought that that might help in your essay, ya know like a point or something As for a topic I would talk about the economy world wide. Just here in Th US people are starting to better understand how to be thankful that they have jobs, know what the true value of a buck is and people are really doing there best to save money. Money was never a thing that should be treated as if it grows on trees. I really hope that I helped.
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Change 'Romans' to 'Constantine the Great.' He was the individual most responsible for the growth and spread of Christianity, and its eventual position as the dominant world religion. History essay titles SHOULD NOT be eye catching or dramatic, nor should the reader be guessing as to the topic until the end; this is for works of fiction,not factual essays. Your title should instead be clear and to the point - as yours will be if you adopt my suggestion.
Zowie Originally Answered: Is this a good essay topic?
No, an essay topic should be something dramatic and eye-catching. My english teacher use to tell me that the reader shouldn't be able to guess what your essay is about unless he reads it to the end. So if you just put what is there in your essay in your title, you are not building up the curiosity in your reader. Be creative and think of something concise and interesting.

Sherri Sherri
Your subject remember could unquestionably take many instructions. in case you have been a Christian, then you definately could know and have faith the evil interior the international is quickly on the subject remember of the administration of devil, even nevertheless, because of the fact the international nonetheless has Christians in it, and that they pray and have faith in God, who's plenty greater effectual, then the main suitable the devil can desire to do is decieve, confuse, and attempt to interrupt people who're believers. that each and each physique suggested, my subject remember sentance could be: In a international unseen by ability of human eyes sturdy battles evil each 2nd to help mankind make advantageous, ethical options.
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Penney Penney
why you should care about global warming you can think of ideas like what it does, what effects it has on the earth, and effects on people and try to make it so they will care.
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