Do you believe that all of mankind comes from an original two individuals named "Adam" and "Eve"?

Do you believe that all of mankind comes from an original two individuals named "Adam" and "Eve"? Topic: Asia research topics
July 17, 2019 / By Belshazzar
Question: I don't believe for a moment that we all came from two people that were created from the "dust of the ground". Here are my personal thoughts on the aforementioned topic. (CAUTION: MAY BE OFFENSIVE, but if you choose to read, read with an OPEN MIND) 1 - Adam and Eve are English-type names and English was not the first language. I did some research and found that Adam comes from the Hebrew word Adama, which means Earth, but the word Adam itself was used as a generic term for 'man' not as a proper noun for the name Adam. Eve is also a word that has its roots in Hebrew and came from the word Chava which meant "life" and was derived from the Hebrew word Chai (life). Therefore, their names were not Adam and Eve, at best it was Adama and Chava. 2 - The accounts of creation according to Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are very contradictory to one another. In Genesis 1 creation takes six days; In Genesis 2 it takes one day. In Genesis 1, the phrase 'the heavens and the earth' are continuously utilized; In Genesis 2 the order in which they are stated is reversed-'the earth and the heavens'. Genesis 1 states that humans were the last thing created (after plants and animals, which we know is true); Genesis 2 says humans were created first (before plants and animals, false). In Genesis 1 there was an abundance of water, in fact the Earth was submerged in water, then God said let dry land appear; In Genesis 2 the Earth was quite dry before creation. 3 - It is a VERY RARE occurrence that two individuals of the same race give birth to a child of a totally different ethnicity. Two Asians won't give birth to a ***** (child of African descent). Two African American individuals are very unlikely to give birth to a Latino/Hispanic child. Two whites generally wont make a black...you get my point. I mean, if it occurs, it will have been a very rare occurrence and most likely won't happen again with their second, third, or forth-born children (etc.). I'm saying if people of the same race continue to interbreed with only themselves, they will generally remain that same race. A genetic mutation of some sort may occur, or even a skin disease, but many ethnic groups have other distinctive physical traits about them (and it's ALL BEAUTIFUL) such as Asians and their distinctive eyes being slightly closed and slanted or Negroes having a very course hair texture, and the list goes on. This is why I am pre-disputing the argument of climatic changes bringing forth genetic and skin changes. (Look I'm black and...) If you take a thousand black people to Asia and all that they do is interbreed with themselves, ten thousand years from now, they'll still be black people. Their/our hair will still have been very course, skin generally still brown and everything. IF THERE WERE ONLY TWO PEOPLE CREATED, HOW DO WE ACCOUNT FOR ALL THESE DIFFERENT RACES/ETHNIC GROUPS? And how would we have continued to populate? 4 - We all know the story of Cain killing his brother, Abel. Following the slaughtering of his brother, Cain was banished from the land in which he resided (believed to be Eden) and moved east of Eden to the land of Nod. There he met his wife and she begot a son, named Enoch and for whom a city was built to honor him. WHERE DID CAIN FIND THIS SO-CALLED WIFE? Some people said it was his mother, but that was clearly stated to have been Adam's 'wife' and Cains MOTHER (sick). So if it was his mother and wife, wouldn't that be Polygamy, Incest, and Adultery all rolled into one? That sounds like a Expressway to HELL! So now with these facts in mind that I have compiled for you, do you think w all came from an Adam and an Eve? What are your thoughts (mine are: I KNOW SOMEBODY'S gonna "send me to Hell," like they're GOD themselves because I am one whose mind is not closed and am willing to accept the real truth about the nature of humans and GOD. Newsflash, you cannot send me to hell ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME)
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Aaran Aaran | 8 days ago
The Pope, Catholic Church, Church of England and mainstream churches all accept the big bang and evolution! Lord Carey the former Archbishop of Canterbury put it rather well – “Creationism is the fruit of a fundamentalist approach to scripture, ignoring scholarship and critical learning, and confusing different understandings of truth”!
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I don't care if someone wants to believe in intelligent design. I just think it shouldn't be taught as a science. Primarily because it doesn't even meet the definition. The definition of science is a body of established knowledge that is used to examine, analyze and predict natural phenomena. With examination and analysis, those who support intelligent design use exactly the same methods evolutionary scientists use. The only difference is they add God to the mix. They find evidence of God, because they put Him there. And with prediction - how can you predict the mind of God? Many people misunderstand the scientific method. It's not to prove a hypothesis, it's to disprove all other possibilities. Leaving only one possible explanation. Intelligent design starts with a hypothesis and then focuses solely on proving it. Michelangelo once said that when he sculpts, the finished sculpture is already inside the block of marble. He's just removing everything else. That's what REAL scientists do. They remove everything else, until there's nothing left but the truth. >>ddead alive: Don't talk to us like we're children. Your arguments are skewed, presuppose too much and often completely ridiculous. Not to mention the quotes taken out of context. Though I don't believe the same things you do, at least I have enough courtesy and respect not to insult your intelligence.

Sherrie Sherrie
1. England has been heavy into Christianity since before there was an English language, so it is silly to think that they wouldn't adopt names from the Bible. the reason for the difference in Eve's name most likely has to do with her being called Ἕυα in Greek, which then turns into Eve when you translate it (kind of like how Jesus was actually Yeshua). names aren't always exactly the same when you translate them. 2. Genesis 1 is "the creation story" while Genesis 2 is "the creation of man". so while Genesis 1 covers all 7 days of creation, Genesis 2 is only covering day #6. 3. yet there have been documented cases where it has. in fact i remember a recent one where 2 African Americans had a white (wasn't albino) child. also it is known that after generations in a specific climate you will get a generation that has a body adapted to that climate. 4. it never says how long until he got a wife, so his wife would probably have either been a sister or a descendant from his brothers and sisters.
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Penny Penny
To take your point in order: 1) You are correct that "Adam" and "Eve" are the English translations of those names. But then every name in an English Bible is an English translation of the original name. That is because the books is in English. What is your point? 2) You assume that Genesis 2 is an account of the entire creation, It is not, it is a retelling with more details of the final day of creation. If you read through Genesis, you will find that every major story in the books is told once with only a few details, and then retold with greater details. Genesis 2 does not say that God created plants after he made Adam. Rather it says that he planted a garden. Creating plants and making a garden are two very different things. Nothing in Genesis 2 hints that this was the creation of plants. Also Genesis 2 has God forming and bring before Adam all "the beast of the field". This is a tern that refers to domesticated animals. It appears that after creating Adam, he then formed additional members of the species that Adam would need to survive for him within the garden. Again, very different from the creation of all the animals. 3) Science has already shown through genetic studies that ALL humans come from a single pair. That is an established scientific fact, whether you like it or not. The real question is who were those two humans? Either humans had to evolve twice (one male and one female) and then somehow find each other and begin the human race, or they had to have been members of the same family, which (as you point out) would limit the genetic material to where the multiple races we know today would be unlikely. Or there is a third possibility. God created Adam and Eve to be genetically "oppose" each other in almost every way. This would allow for four different genes for each of the genes in the human genome, and give you the widest possible gene pool for the human race to come from only one set of parents. This would allow for all the races and other variants that we know today. Adam and Eve were not of the same race. 4) Finally the issue of Cain's wife. It is often overlooked that Cain was 130 years old when he killed his brother. Genesis also tells us that besides Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve had many other sons and daughters. Cain and Abel's wives would have been sisters. Something God allowed at this time because that is all the human there were. Assuming that Cain and Abel married in their twenties, and had children similar to the frequency of large families today (every 2-4 years), and those kids married and had kids (when Cain was in his 40s), and those kids married and had kids (Cain in his 60s), and those kids married and had kids (Cain in his 80s) and those kids had kids (Cain in his 100s) and those kids had kids (Cain in his 120s), the population of the world would easily have been several hundred people, if not in the thousands. So there were lots of people around who Cain would have needed to be protected from (through the mark of Cain), and if he were to remarry at this time, hundreds of women for him to choose from, and lots of relatives who might want to follow him to a new location to help him start a city in Nod. The story of Cain taking a wife and starting a city at this time does make sense.
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Marjorie Marjorie
Genesis 1 talks about Creation from God's perspective, Genesis 2 talks about Creation from Earth's perspective. As people spread out, people in hotter areas developed darker skin to protect them from the sun. This can happen in just a few generations. The Bible said Adam & Eve had "other sons and daughters". Incest was not forbidden until Moses' time, and the offspring would not be inbred because the gene pool was so small back then.
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Krystal Krystal
. The Bible version is SO much simpler! :~) Where did Cain get his wife. In Nod of course, just as the Bible says... Or did you mean HOW did Cain get a wife? Well ....if it's the latter. She was likely one of his grown sisters who had moved away from home to a location called Nod. You do know that Adam and Eve had MANY children don't you? And if they grew up and moved away from home and made a life for themselves. ...Then at some time in the future a brother happened along and they married..... See how simple that was. .
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Jeannette Jeannette
in regards to paragraph 3... in the time of adam and eve, humans pretty much had perfect bodies. therefore if they did procreate w/ their siblings, genetic problems were very unlikely. basically there are no "races" only people of different skin color. skin color changes due to the amount of sunlight that you are exposed to over a period of time, and depending on what area on the earth you live. if you live near the equator, that area of the earth is closest to the sun, and those that live in that region develop darker skin to be able to tolerate the suns intense rays. Which is why AFRICANS HAVE DARK SKIN, and ASIANS HAVE LIGHTER SKIN. Adam and Eve most likely had Olive colored skin, like most of the Jews that later lived in that area.
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Fawn Fawn
The genetic evidence shows that there was never a point in the history of mankind where the total population dipped below 10,000. So that means Adam and Eve never existed and the Noah story is false.
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History proves since the beginning of human government, no person or group of people had solved mankind problems. Some people have good intentions, but it's just not within our human ability to fix what's broken. Our efforts are like putting a band aid on a gun shot wound. (Psalms 146:3) We do not need more hospitals, or hard-to-manage health insurance, we need illnesses to go away all together. (Isaiah 33:24) We do not need more police or army, we need violence and badness to go away all together. (Psalm 37:10,11) We need death not to exist. (Revelation 21:3,4) All this and more is to come under God’s Kingdom that Jesus spoke about while he was on Earth. (Mathew 6:10)

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