What does it mean when the title of a book says this?

What does it mean when the title of a book says this? Topic: An author writing a book
June 17, 2019 / By Benet
Question: I found a book written by an author, however on some of the books she wrote, it says 'Sophie Kinsella' writing as 'Madaline Wickman' what does that mean, "writing as"...does it mean that the author came up with the book idea but made someone else write it for her? lol! i have never seen this before, please shed some light?
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Abaddon Abaddon | 3 days ago
When an author is "writing as" another name, they are either writing as if they are a character (personality) they created or they've taken a pen name. Think of Mark Twain. His given name was Samuel Clemens, and yet he never wrote anything revered under his given name.
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Shevon Shevon
It means the book has been published under the name Madaline Wickman but was really written by Sophie Kinsella.
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Peronelle Peronelle
Some writers will write in different styles or genres and use a different pen name for each different genre/style. It's because fans will usually expect a certain something from a specific name. It's possible "Madaline Wickman" is another of Kinsella's pen names.
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Marlena Marlena
I've never seen that, but it sounds like just a pen name. A pen name is a fake name someone uses when they write, but it can be applied to art and music as well. For example, when I write, I do it under the name ZaXo Ken'Ichi (don't ask, lol). Some authors who are previously published under a different name (say they got married or changed their name since then), like to keep the same name so that it makes it easy to find what they've written.
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Krystle Krystle
It is a pseudo name that a writer takes on for themselves. Steven King used a pseudo name when he first began writing. I use the name Penny Leatherwood instead of my name because I feel it better suits someone who writes children stories. I came up with the name Leatherwood from a professor I had in college. She mentioned one day that her maiden name was Leatherwood and I liked the name and asked if she would mind if I used it for my author's name. She said she would be honored. But if I ever get any of my stories published I will not put "writing as ....."
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