Who are some authors that write from unfamiliar perspectives?

Who are some authors that write from unfamiliar perspectives? Topic: Examples of writing an interview
July 16, 2019 / By Benji
Question: I'm doing an independent project for my creative class and I'm trying to find author's that write from perspectives that they don't know first hand. For example, there's a book (can't remember the title or author) written by a 30 something year old healthy man from the perspective of a 8 year old autistic boy. There are also books written from the perspective of a dog. It can be any book or author as long as it's not something they know first hand. It could be different gender, animal, age, living conditions. Anything. Maybe a book written in the perspective of a criminal or sociopath could be really cool. But, like I said anything! Also, if anyone can find interviews with authors about their writing process and how they get in the mind of these other people that would really help. If not, no big deal. Thanks!!
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Abe Abe | 6 days ago
"Irvine Welsh released The Acid House, a collection of short stories from Rebel Inc., New Writing Scotland and other sources. Many of the stories take place in and around the housing schemes from Trainspotting, and employ many of the same themes; however, a touch of fantasy is apparent in stories such as The Acid House, where the minds of a baby and a drug user swap bodies, or The Granton Star Cause, where God transforms a man into a fly as punishment for wasting his life. Welsh himself adapted three of the stories for a later film of the same name, which he also appeared in." lifted from wikipedia
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I think the answer to your question would be that most fan fiction writers are teenage girls that only write fan fiction to stretch their imagination. For example, they could relate to Justin Bieber or One Direction fans, where a girls fantasy is to be romantically in love with them. Hence, why fan fictions story structure is always flawed and romantically hopeless. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, because writing tends to be really bad in early adolescents.
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At first I was like what's wrong with it?? Then I read were the guy knew she wasn't human. And with royal guards it started to go down hill. But other than that what wrong with it? Is it because it's in one big paragraph?? I mean this could be a 7 year old girl you know. Fanfiction is a place where you share your work and not get criticized for it. It's THEIR work. They are authors of novels or anything. They are mostly amateurs. Though they should check their errors.
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That's like someone who's thinking about going into gymnastics worrying how to get a good sponsorship deal when they go to the Olympics. Get good at what you do first, and worry about the other stuff later. Before you think of careers or money or editors or publishing... you have to just write. Writers write first, and figure out the details later. It's pointless to worry about the details of what to do with your book when you haven't even written it yet. Worry about how to tell a good story. Worry about whether or not you're using the right point of view, or the right tone. Worry about whether or not your reader is following along. Worry about whether or not your readers caught on to that clue to the mystery, and what conclusions they may make from it. Worry about your plot, and whether or not it's structured the way you want it. Those are the kinds of things you have to think about. Money? Writers don't do it for the money. Get another job that pays the bills, because writing pays off emotionally far more than it does financially. Writing is one of those things that people do even if they don't get paid to do it. Sometimes an author gets lucky and breaks through and becomes a bestseller. It doesn't happen to the best, the youngest, the oldest or to any certain genre... it just happens.
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If you want to write because you think you'll be rich and famous, that's the wrong reason - or it shouldn't be your only reason. Obviously, some people do become rich and famous from writing, but they're a tiny minority of the people who write. If you write solely for the money, you'll almost certainly end up disappointed at having spent years or decades chasing an impossible dream. Ask yourself, "If nobody except my mum and a few friends ever reads this book, would I still want to write it?" If the answer is yes, carry on. Don't write about vampires - or don't write about them solely because they're currently popular. Write about something you feel passionate about. Publishing has its fads and fashions, the same as any other human activity. If you start writing a book now, and you're talented enough or lucky enough to overcome every obstacle on your first attempt, and everything goes as fast as it can... your book still won't be in the shops until about 2015. Realistically, it's more like 2020. Do you really think vampires will still be as much in demand then as they are now? You don't need to go to college to be a writer, not if you want to write fiction. A publisher is not going to ask to see your degree certificate before offering you a contract. He just cares whether you've written something the public might pay to read. Doing a degree in creative writing might give you the kick up the backside you need to put in the practice necessary to become a good writer... but you'll be graduating with a mountain of debt and a degree that doesn't qualify you for much else except writing.
Abe Originally Answered: How do you start off to write your books? Authors?
"mind of personal"? Come on, try again. I am not yet even in my junior year in high school, soooo... I can't answer many of those questions, no matter how good I am at writing. Not that I'm any good, I haven't even shown anyone my works yet. Anyway, back to your question. When finding an editor, I suggest starting low and working your way up, don't go up to J.K. Rowling's editor or publishing company and ask them to print anything until you have a little bit of a name for yourself! I don't make any money yet, I'm only fifteen =P and if you write successful books, you'll have no problem financially, but for a while, you'll probably want a different job to support you while you wait for your books to become famous.

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