Why do people think universal health care is a good idea?

Why do people think universal health care is a good idea? Topic: Case services corporation
July 17, 2019 / By Benjie
Question: When the federal government provides any service that is not specifically for common Defense or general Welfare of the people, in this case for the welfare of individuals and not of the people, it usually costs an exorbitant amount of money and raises the costs to provide that service. I like a lot of the responses, and love seeing people not understanding that we already have a lot of health care services already provided by the federal government, which is the reason why the health care system is in shambles today. It isn't nor should it be the federal government's responsibility to provide health care for it's citizens. Should it build homes for the homeless? Should it provide food for the hungry? No. This is not a charity. Government is created to provide people an order that they cannot get without having government. The federal government for example, is for regulating trade amongst the states, creating treaties with other nations, and for fighting wars with foreign powers. It shouldn't be providing health care services, ever, at all, no exceptions. It's just not what it's for. People have to stop putting responsibility on or expecting responsibility from the federal government to do things it was never intended to do. Anyone have any numbers on universal health care systems provided by other countries? Amounts covered, deductibles, range of services covered, amount allocated in the country's budget for these health care services, percentage of total governmental tax income that goes towards health care, etc? These same values for our own country? An answer as to why universal health care is good with some of these statistics, would answer more than just a short blurb, go ahead, link out to other sites as resources if you must, I'd like to hear more.
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Abel Abel | 7 days ago
Guess what - those who think that we can't afford universal healthcare and that it will cost money - you are already paying for it - only for just a select group - 47 million Americans are not included in it . Every GM Car you buy has $1,500 in the price for Health care for their employees. Ford has about $1,100. My company Caterpillar paid 5 billion in health care cost last year to insurance providers. It is the same for all manufactured goods produced in this country. then we also pay premiums and deductables and minimum amounts we have to pay in for our insurance to take effect. So if you think we aren't paying for it now you are fools. There is something ethicall and morally wrong with health care providers first loyalty being to their stock hodlers and bank accounts rather than to the people they are treating. When did it become such a bad thing to take care of our own? I thought that is what made this country great. What happened to that? Have we all sold out to the big corporations? EDIT - Yeah Ok Kevin - Great reasoning, lets deny 47 milion Americans, including 8.3 million under the age of 18, healthcare because you might have to wait an extra hour for stitches - you are a great human being. thanks
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Abel Originally Answered: Voting for John McCain will delay the implementing of universal health care, so why vote McCain?
I agree that universal health care is something we all need because it will give us an incentive to practice preventive medicine which in turn will LOWER hospital admissions and doctor visits. And even if it means increase in taxes, we already pay for health care for the poor in form of medicaid and if our employers do provide health insurance, chance are we have to deduct a certain amount out of our paychecks for that coverage (mine is 60 a month) so it would be no different than if we all pay that each month for coverage for all of us. People complain about waiting in rooms to see the doctor in place with universal health care but then again so do we? have u ever to a hospital or clinic where the receptionist tell u too wait for god knows how long and on top of that having you to fill out a form eventually u either give them your insurance info. or your payment options? Even if the person doesnt work, it could be a factor of things that disables for them to work like language barriers, disablities, family problems, u dont know but does it mean we can deny s/he the right to healthcare even though s/he can potentially die if it's an emergency situation? To me I dont see universal health care as a money issue but as an ethical issue. Do you believe it is right for someone to be left for sickness or even death just because they can afford it? I sure dont think so.

Shonda Shonda
Works in most other countries. Look at some countries that have free health care for everyone, and see how they are doing in relation to the rest of the world. Take Norway and Sweden as an example. Both socialist countries with free health care, and they rank the highest on so many things. Where as the US are far behind. A progressive taxation, higher taxes and making sure that the things that really matter to the population is state-side really makes the difference in the quality of living for more than just the rich part of the nation. Things like hospitals, education (even high school and higher education like universities) should be something everyone has a RIGHT to, and should be free.
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Peyton Peyton
Maybe universal health care is not the solution. Maybe everyone should have health care when they need it, when they are young and old. We should be focused on preventative care. Isn't that cheaper? Everyone needs to be accountable in terms of doing what they can to live healthier lives. Our system has been going downhill or maybe it seems that way. Maybe it has always been bad. I feel like it's gotten ridiculously bad in the past few years. Just when you need coverage the most, it's gone. How crazy is that to pay into a system and then when you need it, too bad, you don't get it. You have to lose everything and then the government will cover you. Does that make any sense? We need to do better. It's in all of our interest to do so. The politicians should be working on this. It's important. It's not going to be easy but nothing worthwhile is. So if they don't want to do the work then I say to them, step aside and let someone willing to work on it do so.!!!! Stop wasting our tax dollars on stupid BS that only benefit a few.
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Marly Marly
The argument that doctors get paid less is bogus. Yes, their salary is lower.. but they don't have to pay malpractice insurance so it comes out pretty even in the wash. 200 years ago people believed education was only for the wealthy.. those that could afford it had "earned" it. In today's world.. I don't have a problem providing everyone with a "basic" education.. do you? But if they want the extra goods.. then is when they have to fork up their own money. In the same way.. I see no problem providing basic health care. The simple fact is.. the more we advance as a society, the more things will become "a basic right" and people will always resist that at the time... and historians will always look back and wonder how we ever thought people didn't deserve it in the first place.
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Lacie Lacie
Because the right to quality healthcare should be as much of a right as an education! Isn't healthcare for the "general welfare" of the people? Sure, it will raise our taxes, but so what? As long as I know my taxes are going to something like that, I have no problem with that. Besides, can the taxes be more than what we currently have to pay for health insurance that still requires co-payments and has the ability to drop me if the decide to? The insurance industry is a money-making machine and, in my opinion, that's wrong. Healthcare should not be a for-profit business. Universal healthcare is an option whose time has come. It works in Canada and Europe, so why not?
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Jena Jena
Because in our current system people have to choose between saving a leg or an arm after a car accident. Universal Healthcare works in all countries that have it. And it wouldnt cost an exorbitant amount of money,it would cost way less than the Iraqi war(which has done nothing for us). It would actually help Americans,o GOD FORBID! Its equally as expensive having private health insurance and it doesnt even cover most things,they treat you like garbage Like education,health is a basic human right.
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Jena Originally Answered: What do you think of Obama's health care bill?
As a health care employee with no medical insurance, I'm all for it! In nursing school I studied all about the problems with the uninsured not paying off their medical bills and that creates the bills for others to rise. With no insurance, I may as well sell my home for one doctor visit if I end up ill, yet I am the one expected to lovingly care for others who are ill. Nope, sorry. I'm all for a cap on nursing pays if it means more people end up with insurance so people aren't left homeless if they get struck with cancer, or some other illness.

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