How would I go about making a scene change in my short story?

How would I go about making a scene change in my short story? Topic: Details in writing activity
July 17, 2019 / By Bennet
Question: I am writing a short story, so I obviously cannot create chapters, nor do I want to. But at one point in the story, I want to skip to four hours later. But I do not want to just start a new paragraph that says, "Four hours later, blah blah blah." How could I go about creating a scene change? I should give you a bit more detail. What happens in the story, is somebody passes out, and then they wake up four hours later. But the reader does not know how long it has been until the character finds a clock that says 2 am. It's kind of supposed to be shocking. So it goes from him driving in his car, to him waking up in the rain. Could I just put, like, a line break or something and then start with, "A drop of rain on his eyelid woke him up." ?
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Abia Abia | 9 days ago
You could use what editors call 'white space', a couple of blank lines where the scene change happens. Or you could put in a short paragraph mentioning that some activity happens that takes four hours, even if the activity is just waiting around. It's hard to say without seeing the whole thing.
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Just sit down, and think about how people feel, how people really talk. Does he spit it all out at once? Does he say it a little at a time? Does she care what he has to say at first, or does she drag it out of him? Another thing to remember is that she isn't the bad guy - if she's just playing the villain, she's going to be a flat character. She has to feel truly justified in what she's doing, too. The easiest way to get a grasp on this is to get a couple of actors together and ask them to improv for you from a few different angles so you can see what you like and what you don't.
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Shulamite Shulamite
Does it have to be four hours later? Perhaps add something like "The sun had set by the time she returned to the kitchen" or "Having changed into a suit and tie, he approached the detective". Typically, you wouldn't change scenes in the middle of a paragraph, unless the paragraph is someone telling a story (and even then it might be a bit too long). You'd be fine with just saying "Later, ..." rather than specifying a certain length of time.
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Phemie Phemie
Whenever I use a scene change, I use either white space or I "enter" a line, include an asterix, and then "enter" another line. Voila, instant new scene! Just don't mix the two, then it gets confusing. Hope this helps!
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