A French/France question?

A French/France question? Topic: Country i want to visit essay
June 24, 2019 / By Bennie
Question: For my French A level coursework I have to do a 900-1000 word essay in french about something france related. I have absolutely no idea what I could write about that can last 1000 words. I've had an idea of doing about racism in france, or environmental issues in France, but I really doubt I could write 1000 words about either of them. Can you think of anything interesting in france that could last 900-1000 words? Thanks for any input, I'm desperate!
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Abida Abida | 1 day ago
Your A level is not tomorrow, and your coursework does not have to be handed in immediately so you have time to do a little research. You have vast resources at your disposal from clicking on the French flag at the bottom of this page and visiting various websites like French Wikipedia on a subject that interests you to books or magazines in your school or at the local library. You have a syllabus set from which you can draw subjects like those that you have mentioned. There also are millions of books that you can read written by French authors, or ,come to that, John Ardagh's books on France that are in English and will orientate you towards social problems and cultural attitudes in France, France at the turn of the last century etc...and inspire you about a topic. Environmental issues as a subject is somewhat hackneyed as France started to tackle the problem well before the UK did and thousands of sixth form essays have been written on the subject in the last twenty years. Racism is a wide topic and you would soon reach your quota of words, or you could look at immigration in France which has become a serious problem, not just because the frontiers are easily breached but because of the flood of immigrants from ex-French colonies and Eastern Europe, not forgetting the constant trickle of Brits who decide to buy properties and either retire there or start businesses such as hotels and B and Bs in competition with the locals .In fact you could do a little research and take that as a subject in itself "La nouvelle invasion de la France profonde par les anglais" and approach it from the French or the English point of view. Are you interested in sport? You could also describe the multiplicity of sports or outdoor pursuits in France from kayaking to paragliding, or do a piece about one particular sport that you like. You could pick a famous person either alive or dead whose life and personality interests you and write a "reportage" about him or her, Albert Shweitzer, Marie Curie, Napoleon, Joan of Arc, Louis the XIVth, Edith Piaf, a famous sportsman, scientist, writer ...the list is unending. Does war interest you? There are reams to write about that topic, and plenty of wars to choose from and their effect on certain localities or groups of people. What about art? Do you like the style of a particular French artist ?You could pick some paintings that you particularly like, describe them, give a little background about when they were painted, and give your reasons for your choice. What other A levels are you doing? There may be a link between them and France and you could pick that aspect, whether geographical, historical or scientifical . A student I know who wanted to do medicine later picked the development of French hospitals and the Hôtel-Dieu in the middle ages onwards. What about cars, aeroplanes, or motorways in France? There is also plenty to write about the French film industry, or you can pick a particular French film that has impressed you. There are hot topics such as old age and loneliness (think of those old people who died in parisian garret rooms during the heatwave three years back) for instance, the contoversy about abortion which is still raging, the decline of religion in the last fifty years, depopulation in remote country places, the problems that have arisen in recent years due to Muslim extremism etc.... As a last resort, if none of these things appeal, you are allowed to pick a book written in French, read it and write about it or discuss an aspect of it, or a specific French region like Périgord. I know a student who wrote a fascinating essay about the prehistoric caves in that area for instance. I am amazed that you have not discussed all this with your teacher (or lecturer if you are at a Sixth form college) who should give you advice and some leads. Bon courage and Bonne chance! There are approximatively 700 words written above...So you can see that 900 + is not such a challenging target.
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Shyla Shyla
I can't imagine how you could write anything at all with just 1000 words, but since the French love food and wine, you could write about that. And let me tell you that there is a reason why there are so many books out about wine. 1000 words would only be an introduction. LoL
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Philipa Philipa
to be honest, 900 words isn't a lot you just have to break it down and look at it paragraph by paragraph for any essay, you have to have intro and conclusion paragraphs, right? and a paragraph is at least 3 sentences. the intro and conclusion paragraphs won't be as long as your body paragraphs, so i'd say together, they make about 100 words because "little words" still counts as a word. and just as a hint, the intro and conclusion say about the same things, so really, you're just using 50 words twice! ok, so 800 more to go. i've always learned that a good essay has about 3 body paragraphs, but you can have 2 or 1 if you want. anything more than that is too choppy, and will be longer than 800 words. if you divide 800 by 2, thats 400; by 3 is about 267. that's not a lot per paragraph when you consider that it has more content than the intro and conclusion. i just did a word count; all this i've written is 181 words!
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Marsha Marsha
I'd be astonished if anyone could write about either of the topics you mention and do a decent, substantive job in ONLY 1000 words. I suggest you think about it again.
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Lagina Lagina
I once wrote a paper about the Americanization of France--looking first at McDonalds then Coca-Cola then Starbucks. You could do something similiar with Britain.
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