A good photography website? Tips, contests, just showing your work?

A good photography website? Tips, contests, just showing your work? Topic: Showcase stores
June 24, 2019 / By Benny
Question: I just got a canon rebel t3i. My first dslr. And I'm looking for a good website. Google searches have come up with nothing I like so far. I just want some tips. Maybe enter contests. I wanna have a place to put up my good pictures for others to see and critique.
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Best Answers: A good photography website? Tips, contests, just showing your work?

Abidah Abidah | 2 days ago
Flickr is a great place to showcase your photos and be exposed to really amazing work. I upload my favorites there but I admit i'm not as active on there as I should be. As for picking up a few tips, i'm a BIG fan of the website www.digitalrev.com They're based in Hong Kong and they're always releasing really interesting and funny videos ranging from head to head lens reviews to really innovative photographic techniques. Their host, Kai Wong, is pretty cool and hilarious at times, and i just really like the community and feel of their site. They're also a store and their prices are way cheaper than Best Buy and most other vendors (theyre where i got my T2i last year!)
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Philippa Philippa
By FAR the best forum out there is PhotographyTalk (http://www.photographytalk.com). You can upload, get critiques, join contests, read articles for tips, and much more. It's really a fun place to "hang out". Drew
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Marshan Marshan
For tips, you should visit http://photofuel.net/. There are a few good tutorials on there from understanding light to composition. There is also a free eBook about how to use your DSLR, which will be helpful considering this is your first one. Enjoy your new camera! : )
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I will say it again here: ALL COPYRIGHTABLE WORK IS AUTOMATICALLY COPYRIGHTED. One does NOT need to say "This is copyright John Doe 2009" or stick up a copyright symbol for the work to be copyrighted. Right to reproduce is *always* up to the copyright holder; that is, unless copyright has been relinquished or shared, the original creator of the work. The only way to legally reproduce a copyrighted work is to get written permission from the copyright holder. That does not mean do it first, then let the creator know. ----- Edit: Good point, Salut. In this case, one would be guilty of both plagiarism and copyright infringement (depending on the copyright status of the works). ----- All copyrightable work is automatically copyrighted. A review on a public website* no more loses its copyrightability than does a book in a public library. If the reviews are posted on a forum, review the forum rules for information on intellectual property rights for posters on the forum. The forum may claim nonexclusive rights, preserve the exclusive rights of the poster, or place all content posted on the forum into the public domain, for example(s). In general, though, you cannot use someone else's work without permission simply because it was posted online. It is not a criminal offence; copyright infringement being a civil matter, you can be legally ordered to cease and desist by any given person whose work you reproduce without authorisation, or brought to court. Some reading material: http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths... http://www.copylaw.com/new_articles/copy... http://www.keytlaw.com/Copyrights/top10m... http://www.publishlawyer.com/top10.htm http://www.thecopyrightsite.org/ http://www.copyright.gov/help/faq/ http://inventors.about.com/od/copyrights101basicsfaq/f/copyright_yes.htm http://www.k-state.edu/academicpersonnel/intprop/webtutor/sld005.htm http://www.depts.ttu.edu/itts/documentation/laws/dmc/copy2.html http://fairuse.stanford.edu/Copyright_and_Fair_Use_Overview/chapter9/9-a.html *Have you seen many private websites? ;) Most of the Internet *is* public. That doesn't mean the public has full rights to all of it.

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