My graphics (video) Card needs a better power supply to operate efficiently? How do I know which PSU to get.?

My graphics (video) Card needs a better power supply to operate efficiently? How do I know which PSU to get.? Topic: Ems case search
July 16, 2019 / By Benoni
Question: I was figuring out what was wrong with my video card until tech support finally said that I needed a larger power supply so it could opperate correctly. So I searched for some PSU's and found some nice inexpensive ones at a good price. Only problem is that I don't know if when I install the new PSU, if it will burn out all of my computer's components with too much power. So how do I know if it will or wont? How do I know which PSU to get? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm sure I need a graphics card of at least 300 Watt graphics card, but just to get a bigger show of hands: Will installing a larger power supply burn out the components inside my computer tower?
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Best Answers: My graphics (video) Card needs a better power supply to operate efficiently? How do I know which PSU to get.?

Abiel Abiel | 4 days ago
NO, you won't burn out your computer. Your computer will only use what it needs. You could put a 1000 watt PSU in. (In theory, these suckers are BIG! lol! You'd have to alter your case, or where it mounts would be different.) 300 watts? May I recommend a couple? 1.http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2143207&CatId=106 2.http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=2143208&CatId=106 Why these? A.Ultra is a reliable Psu manufacturer. Doesn't overrate their Psu's to sell 'em. B.It's a Modular Design. Just use the power cables you need. Eliminates having excess cables, which block needed air flow to cool computer components. Eliminates clutter. C.Uses a 120mm fan. Larger fan moves more air at a slower speed. Slower speed equates to less noise. (Bear in mind though, that if you're maxing out a game, that fan's gonna' spin! Sum noise? Yep! Will you really notice? Not if you're a true gamer! lol! The sound will be turned up, and your ears will be pinned to your head, and you hair will blow back, sheesh! Okay maybe a BIT of an over statement!) D.$40 bucks, or $50 bucks.
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Abiel Originally Answered: Why wouldn't my pc get power from the power supply?
A PC won't fully fire up the power supply if it sees a hardware problem to begin with. Start looking for what you did wrong. Did you plug the processor cooling fan into the right motherboard connector?

Sienna Sienna
Find out the Watts your Video cards needs and also find out the Amps it needs. To make sure you have the right amps check the +12v rail on the PSU you want to buy make sure it matches or is very close. Would have been better if you listed the PSU you wanna buy and the Video card you own. For EXP My 9600gt needs 400Ws and 26amps on the 12volt rail. My PSU is a 650w and has a 25amp 12volt rail along with 2 other 22amp 12volt rails. Videocard 400w/26amps Powersupply 650w/25amps
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Philis Philis
each power supply unit should have the same amount of power, like your tipical household current is 120 volts, its kinda the same for your computer, the psu has a number of power outputs, the difference between a good one and a bad one is the distribution of power to the power outputs, if you have a cheap psu than the rest of the computer is drawing all of the power and there is not enough for your video card, you dont have to worry about it burnin out ur pc's components
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Martina Martina
Newegg and I think TigerDirect both have wattage estimators for PSU's. It is always better to have too much than not enough. Don't go overkill though, a 1k is most likely overkill for most people. I'd go around 600~ depending on your setup.
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Martina Originally Answered: What power supply should i use?
Go online, search for Power Calculator. This will give you a informed decision about how much of a PSU you need. Then check Hardwaresecrets.com, and Extremetech.com for reviews on PSU's.

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