Can you please rate this poem on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 the best?

Can you please rate this poem on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 the best? Topic: Examples of how to write an i am poem
June 24, 2019 / By Benton
Question: Shades of Gray By R.P. Look through the lens of right and wrong, What you see is a black and white screen, 'Tis not truth, but perception, Everyone is a gray, a shade of gray, We are pure and white only at birth, There are and always will be: Two sides to every story, A miracle known to each, An insignificant amount of impossible, A miniscule number of yes and no's, An eternity of in betweens, Don't label souls pure or black, Don't look for the person to blame, A human alone sees at one angle, We can only glimpse, The true colors of ourselves, So, how do we judge others, as if we see it all? We don't see the poverty, In the eyes of a pickpocket, We don't hear the lack of attention, In the voice of a continuous liar, We don't know the terrible life, That led to the murderer, We don't feel the pain we cause, If we are hurt as well, So, do we have black souls, Selfish and ignorant, No, all souls are gray, Shades of Gray. and plz, i get that some people don't agree with my opinion, but i'm asking for a rating of the poem, not the concept. i wrote it. are u serious?
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Best Answers: Can you please rate this poem on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 the best?

Abijah Abijah | 7 days ago
Overall its great. I've never really thought like that before. And I've read other people's answers but i think that it doesn't really matter. In the end it should only please you, and if other's connect with your writing as well, than that is an extra cherry on top. I am a writer as well, I write in a publicly owned magazine. It's more important to get the main point across than if people like it really. For example, take the famous Martin Luther King speech. So many people opposed it, but look now where it got him; immortality. Follow your heart.
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Abijah Originally Answered: Rate this on a scale from 1-10?
With even an okay beat 10/10. I haven't heard a song like this in a while. If i may, i would like to make a suggestion. Next rap start writing about you having hope and wanting to change your life. People go crazy for that. Thanks for the awsome rap, haven't heard one in a while

Silvia Silvia
I would rate this poem a 1. It's not that I don't like the ideas because I get the intensity of the poem's feelings. But the form is very weak, the stanzas are inconsistent, and the vocabulary is simplistic. There is no complexity here. Next time the author writes poetry, he/she first needs to take his time. Good poets take months, or years working on one poem. Next, edit, edit, edit. And lastly, show with images, a story, metaphors. All this poem does is tell, and not very poetically.
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Phillis Phillis
I give it a 5 it's very good. I know you're only asking for a rating but I would like to say I agree with the concept as well and you should keep it up. As for people who don't think you wrote it, take it as a complement that it was really good and makes them question. : )
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Maryann Maryann
Its no longer fairly a poem yet a chain of statements from a tortured guy who needs to get a grip! by capacity of how solitude is to be valued. Lonliness is the utmost variety of delight. Lonliness would be contentment and peace. Its all an attitude of ideas. Please evaluate your priorities. I provide it 2. Its no longer a poem.......its very nearly being pissed off in a chain of statements
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Lalla Lalla
Definently a 10! i love the concept. Nothing is black or white, neither are our souls. beautiful language, and the message comes through very well. Love it.
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Jennie Jennie
Its a very deep and dark poem. I know why you ask because you dont know if your good enough when people tell you. I was like that once, then I was published in a book of poems with a similar poem called The Users.
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Jennie Originally Answered: Rate this song / lyrics i wrote? on a scale of 1-10 (ten being best)?
is this song about something tht happened to u if so im sry i get ur pain it happened to me!!!! (give it a 10)

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