What do you call the white background photographers use?

What do you call the white background photographers use? Topic: Cheap term paper
June 17, 2019 / By Berkeley
Question: -the technical term please, thanks! well I was hoping to have the one that stretches from the ceiling and down across a small area of the floor. If i bought a large role of paper would it get easily ruined when being stood on?
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Abimael Abimael | 8 days ago
muslin. very expensive. Cheaper alternative, which works just was well is white paper. You can get it in rolls that are 10-15 ft wide.
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Sindy Sindy
I think you mean "background paper". It's available in various width rolls and is commonly used with a pair of stands to support the roll.
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Phoebe Phoebe
Its called a Seamless Background and yes it gets ruined and needs to be replaced. You can get a stand to hold it and you just cut off what gets ruined as needed.
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Maryanna Maryanna
I use white paper (roll) and a while muslim. Others use vinyl as well. This is the item I bought from Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/B-D-Seamless-Backg...
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