Post Graduation or Job - which one should I opt?

Post Graduation or Job - which one should I opt? Topic: Admissions university of illinois at
June 17, 2019 / By Bernard
Question: Hi, I am a Computer Engineer from India with 2.5 years of work experience in a software company. Last year I took GRE and got admission in University of Nebraska - Lincoln [UNL] (PhD. computer science) and Illinois Institure of Technology [IIT] (Computer science MS). Also I got a job on H1B visa in New Jersey (USA). Now i am confused - which one should I opt for. should I work and then study after 1.5 years (this means I will have money but it will be too long a time) or should I take admission in either of the 2 universities- complete my PG (and possibly PhD) and take a better paying job...! Please help!!!!! this is urgent!! also tell me which one is better - UNL or IIT??
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Abinoam Abinoam | 9 days ago
Have you considered working at a job and working on getting a PhD at the same time? Some employers have a tuition reimbursement program. Having advanced degrees might not necessarily translate to better paying jobs. Many Phd's work primarily at universities and do not get wealthy that way. I do not have an opinion on which school is better. ITT probably has more prestige. From a purely personal perspective, I would not want to live in Nebraska, if I did not have to.
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Abinoam Originally Answered: 1 year after college graduation?
It sounds like you are just sitting around waiting for employers to find you. You have to be putting out applications more or less constantly until you get your first engineering job and then you should still apply somewhere new about once every six months because it will give you a chance to update your resume and practice your interview skills (and remind your employers not to take you for granted). Stop when you have a job that makes you so unbelievably happy that you can't imagine working anywhere else or you find that no higher paying jobs will hire you. It is an unbelievably competitive world and if you don't have a constant series of jobs in your degree field then you just spent 4 years getting a nice wall decoration. By the way, your degree is used as a basic screening tool by most employers, but each degree year is worth about half of a real work experience year - so four years of college is considered about the same as two years of job experience. So a real career is made out of work positions, not college degrees. Consider the Masters when you are working for an employer that tells you directly they would like to promote you but can't without a Masters degree, then get it in writing. Even then it is 50% likely that the people who are encouraging you will be gone before your Masters is finished, but they are still the best people to tell you when you are advanced enough in your career to need one. The only other times to get a Masters are when A.) you've been out of your field long enough than no one seems to want to hire you (judged by the response to your resume, not some arbitrary time limit) B.) if you are spoiled by parents or a permissive spouse who is willing to pay a lot to let you get a slightly higher entry level job. Good luck.
Abinoam Originally Answered: 1 year after college graduation?
My brother, who also had a BS in Mech Engineering worked in a ski shop for about 2 years before landing a job in his field. You might consider looking for work with a much smaller firm to get your feet in the door...or take advantage of the down economy to go after a masters.

Sissie Sissie
You can post your resume for free on www.baajaa.com. Just click on the 'Post a FREE Ad' button. You can also check the 'Jobs' section. Good Luck. Here's the link - http://www.baajaa.com
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Sissie Originally Answered: Graduation money is pouring in, but I can't choose what I need more.?
First I need some clarification. You're going to major in music, but what is your instrument? I'm hoping that you're not planning on being a cello major, because you won't get up to that level by September... Wirechoi has a good point, but she also says that going to music school to learn how to play is like going to Tokyo to learn Japanese, and I disagree with that. I'd argue that going to Tokyo is probably the BEST way to learn Japanese. You'll be completely immersed in the langauge, and you'll NEED to learn it, or else you won't be able to eat, sleep, etc. (it's the sink or swim approach, yes, but it works). The difference is that Tokyo isn't going to deny you admission because you can't speak the language. A music major IS going to deny you admission. Now, I THINK that you're going to be majoring in some other instrument (or voice, perhaps), and are interested in learning cello as a secondary instrument? If that's the case, then don't spend $1000 to buy a cello. At least not yet. You should look into RENTING a cello (ask your school's orchestra/band director for information on where to rent an instrument from), and see if it really grabs you. Buy the computer, but save a few bucks to rent a cello. [Also, I have no business recommending specific computers for you, but it's been my experience that if you want a relatively up-to-date computer for $1000, you're going to get more "bang for your buck" buying a desktop computer, rather than a laptop...but then you obviously can't drag it around with you...]
Sissie Originally Answered: Graduation money is pouring in, but I can't choose what I need more.?
You know First, if you buy today a computer tomorrow will be obsolete ... Secondary, if you dont know install the computer rightly the best can become the worst. I continue to use some special sound of sound-card on computeur ,some of then, came since 1998, continu to work rightly. If you do not play games on it, Now the computeur you have, is 5X more fast as the fastest internent . And does not forget that the révolution in the matter of hard disque is now comming, with the total static disque , that will be a real revolution and all computers bought now, will go to trash can ... you could give him a new youth for few money.. and if you want to resell it on Ebay, he have no value ... A new computer . Which use? Quick download , I have explain that over that. To use EXEL or a table, play MP3 music, edit a film (the surface of disque is the first thing to see)for that a 500mhz can do that easy. but if you want to see a last blue ray DVD, or play the last game,(64 bytes prossessor is not suffisant for instance) it is not the same way and the same computer. I suppose, for your study is not the first use. The problem with the cello is totaly differant. that is depend of you ,only you , if you have the tenacity the courrage to exceed the vexation of with the difficulty of the instrument, then, you can consider you can buy a cello. The avantage of the true instrument, it does not lose his value. And It can be resell easily, So through your proffesor wich know many cello players in the county If some one say, some thing about the effectiveness of things, better as an other, I say that the live is an balace between carriere and personal development ... Perhaps your computer will save your life or not. Perhaps Cello save your life or not. Or nothing save your life ... but you must test, the thing, you want realy. I am just here, to share my experience. Friendship :D-JPP ps: 2004 your computer is running 2Ghz with 250 mo or 512 of ram. exepte the hard disque too small, 20 or 40 G.o. You can add outside Hard disk to 160 go or more. You have u.s.b. extended slot, to add u.s.b. or Wi.Fi. modem you can put a USB hubb level 2. Buy a subscription to one provider. And download "AVIRA CLASSIC" (free) to remove add wear or virus and trojens ... Buy a external grabbler disk (if is not included in the computer) and empty the computer of unutilised files. is the first state of step to level if you can add a additioinal 31/2 hard disk into the computer you can go faster ... and you can save cash of net quick and easy... Ask has salesmen of spare parts (Chinese preferably) what they propose to you ;-)

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