Anyone have a good remedy for dry skin?

Anyone have a good remedy for dry skin? Topic: Free research paper reviews
June 17, 2019 / By Berry
Question: The skin on my face is always incredibly dry. Especially around my cheeks, side of nose, and middle of my forehead. It also is "flaky". I've tried various lotions, creams, and facial scrubs. These make my face greasy, but the skin is still "flaky". I've given up on foundation, because it seems to "clump" in these areas, and does not provide an over-all smooth look. It doesn't make much sense to me how the skin can be paper dry, and the lotions only provide a greasy shiny-ness. Someone recommended an avacado-mayonnaise mixutre, which was disguisting, and not easy to dispose of. I was afraid of clogging the drain with the green gunk. Any thoughts? Ideas? Thank you.
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Abishai Abishai | 1 day ago
Moisture/water is different from oil. Think of a dry plant - you need water, not oil to make it moist and many people confuse that. Water is a good moisturizer - and so is honey. And honey adds vitamins and minerals to the skin as well, especially if you use organic RAW honey (processing kills some of the "good guys") So, to go the completely natural way, wash your face gently with an organic face wash made for your skin type. Next, spread a small amount of honey over your face and let it stay there for 10-15 minutes. Raw organic honey is the best. Last step, smooth a small amount of organic olive oil on your face to hold in the moisture. (That's what an oil does - it forms a barrier so you want to be sure there's moisture already in your skin before you use anything oily or greasy on it. The reason for organic products is to keep as many chemicals as possible off your skin. Research is showing a buildup of chemicals can cause acne, dry skin and skin cancer. If you choose to purchase products, here's a link to a site with unbiased reviews of chemical-free and organic skin care. http://www.best-mens-skin-care.com/skin-care-product-reviews.html
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Sive Sive
Use mild facial cleanser, such as 100% Pure cucumber face wash, followed with Nilotica shea butter. You can find Nilotica shea butter from a couple of reputable websites. I also tried emu oil. However, it is kind of heavy. Other people said jojoba oil works, but I still like Nilotica shea butter.
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Phyliss Phyliss
look dont worry use moisturisers or oils! maybe olive oil or some good facewashes can do! try the first remedy stated! get it done!
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Marylou Marylou
dont use soap for face.. use good face wash which dont dry ur facial skin... and use good moisturiser later... i recommend olay if you want natural products use himalaya's
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Laney Laney
A good remedy is first washing your face with a facial cleasner of your choice and then use olive oil slightly rub it on our face with a cotton ball at night then use your facial cleasner in the morning it also brightens your face while it moistens so do that for 2-3 weeks until you see results!! Best of luck and Happy New Year (:
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Laney Originally Answered: Why is my skin acting this way?
They are called white heads, they are rather painful, they sit under the skin and are extremely painful and hard to pop (so don't bother) plus they are the ones most likely to leave scaring if a squeeze is attempted, after a few days they either die down or begin to show a white dot in the center which will stay for another day or so and then go away. It is probably the added moisture in the new face cream sometimes it's one of those cases which do you prefer... dry skin or a painful pimple... some times after your skin has adjusted to the new cream the pimples will pop up less and less.

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