Any content advice for my Blog?

Any content advice for my Blog? Topic: Big data research interest
July 16, 2019 / By Bert
Question: I've being doing IT research since 1 year and for now I've being putting all parts together starting from Developers platform tools for Videogames until MobileApps. I just want to give the information to help people who is learning and don't waste their time experiencing until they realize what they really like about programming. Also there would be a section about new startups in all over the world and another about Data companies like "Big data". Well I would like to know your oppinion and any advice to make this Blog content flows. Also I don't have too much time to develop so if there is anyone interested leave your email address (even if it's fake)
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Best Answers: Any content advice for my Blog?

Abishalom Abishalom | 2 days ago
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