Is it safe to use a 12 gauge shotgun shell after it was dropped?

Is it safe to use a 12 gauge shotgun shell after it was dropped? Topic: Case shot gun shells
July 16, 2019 / By Betuel
Question: It fell off my book case after my cat knocked it off 10 feet and im worried its not safe to use anymore... Thank you Anthony!
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Best Answers: Is it safe to use a 12 gauge shotgun shell after it was dropped?

Abnar Abnar | 5 days ago
You could throw a 12 gauge shell out of a car going 100 mph and it would still be usable. A fall will not do anything to a cartridge unless it gets severely damaged.
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Skylar Skylar
As long as it looks ok it's fine. Thin about it. When you unload a shotgun the shells go flying out and there is no telling how they are going to land or what they will land on. You may have a shell hit one rock 1000 times and then you shoot it. Nothing is going to happen that's bad other than the same potential misfire that is in a new box.
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Pippa Pippa
It is perfectly safe to use a shotgun shell after dropping it. I have dropped shells many times and still used them. The shells are made to take a good amount of abuse.
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Mathilda Mathilda
They should be fine. When I hunt duck/geese our shells are packed around in boats and quads and fall all over the place, we just wipe off the mud and load them into our guns and they shoot just fine!
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