Do you think of abortion is a good thing in rape cases?

Do you think of abortion is a good thing in rape cases? Topic: Case smart
July 17, 2019 / By Bevan
Question: What do you think of abortion in rape cases? My little sister is a very smart student and she just got accepted to an Ivy League university which she is supposed to start this fall (its in Massachusetts and we live in California). She was date-raped by an awful guy at this party not long ago and ended up pregnant. She wants to get an abortion. Adoption is not an option and she has to be at Harvard by the end of August, she's not going to give up anything with school. She has a lot of hate for this baby/fetus because of what happened to her and its stressing her out psychologically carrying it. That's all I'm going to say. She's 17, I'm taking her in to get it done on Monday, she needs my support. I think abortion is just the best option in some cases, what about you? Drea: You sound inconsiderate, she’s not selfish. Why don’t you go get yourself brutally raped and then carry the unwanted baby and give it up for adoption yourself before you talk?
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Abner Abner | 6 days ago
In her case, I don't blame her for wanting an abortion. She has her whole life waiting for her, and getting into Harvard is amazing and this completely unwanted baby will get in the way of her dreams. It's not like she was out having sex and forgot to use protection, she was raped and conceived a child without even wanting to have sex. For this case, abortion really is the best option and I am happy to read that you are there for her and you support her. I can understand why she hate the fetus and because of all of this, yes abortion is the answer. I wish her and you all the best. She is going to need a lot of support after the abortion so please continue to be there for her.
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Let's look at it like this: Most liberals are against th War in Iraq, citing the loss of life by Americans who are 18 + years old, signed up in the Military knowing the risk. If they didn't and they should have. But they are adults and made their decision On the other hand, Liberals ALSO want to have abortions at will. Now the contrast is that this person, this baby, has no decision in the process to live or die. So then are Liberals trying to tell us that they want the right to tell us all who lives and who dies? They want to be God? What is the criteria for life or death? Liberals want too much power over all Americans, don't they? Seems like it to me! An Adult needs their support and an unborn child gets none? Sounds a little whacky to me, but that's what we expect from the Left wingnut cases.

Skyler Skyler
Your sister didn't do anything wrong and she is miserable. People are saying this baby deserves a chance but how fair is it to the baby to have a depressed mother who never wanted the child to exist. In this case abortion is for the best. Rape is the only time I believe abortion is appropriate. It's her life and she didn't make the choice to be with that guy. It's bad enough she has to live with the trauma of being violated.
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Pleasance Pleasance
I'm going to be honest. I'm sure many people will disagree with me. Beforehand, let me say that I'm not saying anyone is a bad person for getting an abortion (I don't like judgemental people), but I don't believe abortion to be right. In my opinion, I believe abortion is wrong, no matter what the situation. A child is in your sister's belly. Why should the baby be punished for the horrible acts of his/her father's? The baby did nothing wrong at all. Two wrongs do not make a right. Please check out this website. It pretty much sums everything up. www.carm.org/questions/about-sexuality...
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Matilda Matilda
Well this question is hard. I do agree that rape cases are different but her reasons are selfish. She can be pregnant and go to school they can't deny you because you are pregnant. It is not the babys fault so her having resentment for the child is wrong it is people like that who never need to reproduce. Don't get me wrong what happened to her was horrible but getting into such a good school she sounds well off I ONLY agree with abortion in rape cases if the mother is not able to care for the child. Harvard is a top league school personally you can do anything there as you can in another college.
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Lark Lark
That's a tough situation but sometimes blessings come in disguises. Why kill a child when the father is at fault here. Having an abortion doesn't make you "unpregnant", it makes you a mother to a dead baby. Please take a look at this video and reconsider... http://abortionno.org/
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I don't think it's that hard to figure out, what a "grey area" is, if men were victims of it as much as women are. What exactly would a man do if someone, say a physically stronger guy, drugged him, carried him nonchalantly to a room, and slammed an erect penis into his anus however many times it took until the perpetrator ejaculated? Maybe he'll do the same thing to his open mouth! How about if there was more than one, or even several, the drugged guy won't care, he's out cold? What if the perpetrators just fed him shots until he was hammered enough? Ever been to a bar and someone bought you shots? Did you ever wonder if they were only doing it so they could rape you later? And what exactly do you think would happen in court when you accused the guy of assaulting you, and what would your family or girlfriend say? Can you guarantee that no one would diminish your trauma, or humiliate you even further than you've already been? Would everyone even believe you, or would they just wonder secretly if you're a closet homosexual and that you probably enjoyed it? That's what the grey area is about. You have to be younger than me or else you would remember how things were not so long ago. The reason there is any of this stuff is because of actual reality. Laws only get passed for the most part after something tragic happens over and over. As far as the weird counseling thing goes, that is freaking weird and scary. I think there are just a lot of people out there who are not too swift, honestly. I was in two different battered women's shelters in two different states (same guy, yes, psycho followed me) and some of the women who ran them were really ignorant. Feminists without a clue, they had no idea what they were rallying,fighting, whatever for, it certainly wasn't for me. Like armchair coaches, they had no personal experience but thought they knew all about being abused/stalked/hunted by another human being. Most of them acted like abuse victims were just stupid and if they were a better person they wouldn't have been in that situation in the first place. Those are the enemies who are in the ranks, wolves in sheep's clothing. So I'm essentially agreeing with you. I'm just saying that one thing is not the other thing.

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