What is the best theory to explain serial killing?

What is the best theory to explain serial killing? Topic: Crime term papers
June 17, 2019 / By Bezaleel
Question: Which theory could be used to explain and understand a serial killer who committed the crimes simply because of sexual repression. He was bad with girls when he was young and started to kill when he was a teacher and he saw students having sexual encounters. I'm writing a paper on Andrei Chikatilo... He started killing because he could not get a girl and he saw his students having partners. I need to use a real theory like the strain theory, anomie theory, the lower-class boy and middle-class measuring rod, differential opportunity, etc. i just dont know which is the best one to explain Chikatilo.
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Abot Abot | 9 days ago
In it's simplest form serial killers committ a two fold theoretical answer to your question. In the first notion, serial killers committ compensatory behaviors of murder which compensate for their inadequacies, problems, and help them feel in control of the areas that they are lacking in. Seconldy, the notion of displacement comes to mind. Serial killers displace malicious feelings that they have for a particular woman or parent or man on somebody else, the victims. The anger and savageness on a complete stranger doesn't make much sense unless to the killer they actually represent someone in their past who they imagine/fantasize they are getting back with or wronging a right. Lastly, and most obviously we find the term deviance being use here, as it is quite simple to understand that this conduct is deviant and nonnormative.
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Sofia Sofia
I'm not sure where you actually came up with "he could not get a girl". Chikatilo was married and had two children before he started working as a dormitory advisor. Chikatilo grew up during a very harsh time in the Ukraine. His family was very poor and often went hungry. His brother was murdered and his mother told him that their neighbors had killed and eaten him. I am sure that this had a huge impact on the monster that he later became. He confessed to 55 murders. I think that he was only convicted of 51 or 52 of them. He raped, stabbed, beat and killed many young women, girls and boys alike. He admitted to occasionally taking a nibble or two of their internal organs. But he also made a point that he never consumed any of their flesh. He suffered greatly during his childhood in many ways. There is no doubt in my mind, that his childhood shaped what he became.
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Polly Polly
I would think that you would have to base your theory on each individual serial killer out there. Some people are just born without a soul, without any sense of right or wrong or just totally unfeeling and uncaring. Others may be warped by a parent or authority figure in their life, with different types of punishments or just out right corruption. Others may just be bored to the extend that they need something to do and something like this could spark adreneline and risk taking. It could be a competition to others, how far can I go before anyone figures it out? That type of thing. So I don't think there is just one theory that will sum up every type of serial killer in this evil world. I think it is based on each one.
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