How can i related Hume's ideas of morals to this situation?

How can i related Hume's ideas of morals to this situation? Topic: How to write a social justice paper
June 24, 2019 / By Biff
Question: Ok so i read David Hume's enquiry concerning the principle of morals. And i understand its all about social sympathy. Now i have to use his beliefs and make an important decision regarding this other paper. It is about a manager who hit one of his employees for breaking the rules and he finally said sorry. Upper management must make a decision to fire him or keep him. According to David Humes, what am i supposed to say? Should they feel bad and keep him or fire him? there are conflicting messages in Hume's enquiry regarding social sympathy and justice so i dont know what to write. please help This is a paper by the way
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Abott Abott | 10 days ago
Thinking socially he can't be a manager anymore, but would be antisocial also fire him after his lament about that situation. Do you have another option?
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