I am deported from Dubai, my colleague kiss me on my head.?

I am deported from Dubai, my colleague kiss me on my head.? Topic: Saudi english paper
June 17, 2019 / By Bill
Question: I went to beach after work there i lost my ID card. i went with police man police station and they told me to bring some papers from my work. to have police report to make id card again. we was going to home by walk and my colleague kiss me and he was saying don`t worry we will find our things.(he is indian) This time guy walking on the street he said - CID. he hold as and said that he is taking as to police station. i was shook and start to explain our situation. he set we will explain i cid station. again and again i ask chance to explain, He ask our ID card. after came another police man (Captain of CID) he push as to car with no comments. captain of CID show to me he is bleeding finger. captain -u see my finger. i set -yes captain -i will punish you by your deport of UAE so i deport by captain of cid. i I could not prove them that i am not business lady as they set. i worked in big saudi company with russian costumers. my salary was 7000Darham. i was in cid Office 5 days. when my company give my passport i stay 5 more days to wait my plane. So mr. Captain open case for me that i was in the hotel with 4 mans. and they deport me. i saw so many business Lady's in jail they was punishing by deport but my punishment brings is more pain, that captain make my name dirty. I often see that police guy in my dreams and often I am in Dubai but I can not go through some political line... my husband wanted to go to UAE but i can`t :((( Please tell me if I could go back in Dubai sorry for my english.
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Ace Ace | 2 days ago
I feel so sorry for what happen. But you should have been more careful. You know you are in Gulf countries. Although Dubai is more open than the rest of GCC's but still they have rules when it comes man and woman relationship. About going back to Dubai, i don't think it's possible. If you got deported and charge as a bad lady, I'm sure you are blacklisted. So no matter what you do, you can't go back there.
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Sonora Sonora
Going to Dubai to work was a bad idea to begin with & I'm sure you know why. Now you have been deported and you can never return there. Even if you could, it would be the world's dumbest idea! Do not make any attempt to go to Dubai, or any GCC country, or any muslim country - EVER! And since you have been deported from Dubai, you are not eligible for any visa to most countries. Countries generally do not accept visa applications from anyone who has been deported by another country. You need to remain in your country of citizenship permanently.
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