Is this self harm or just bad stress relief?

Is this self harm or just bad stress relief? Topic: Self writing paper
July 16, 2019 / By Billy
Question: Okay, so for the last month or so, whenever I've gotten stressed or upset, I've been using my nails to draw red lines on my hands, doing it repeatedly until it looks like it's going to bleed, and I've been digging my nails into my thighs at night, leaving marks that are so deep that they're still there in the morning. The thing is, it never seems to actually hurt, it just takes away some of the stress and puts me in a better mood. I never let myself bleed though, I always stop before it comes to that, and move to doing it somewhere else. I only realised today that what I've been doing is possibly not a good thing and now I don't know what to do. Is what I'm doing actually self-harm or just a bad method of stress relief? I'm also bulimic. I've started doing this to stop myself having to make myself sick.
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Acer Acer | 3 days ago
I think this could be the beginning of self harm. it doesn't always start straight to self destruction, it can be a progression. I would find a "healthier" way to release your stress. venting to a friend, writing it out on paper (which is my help..), and exercise (take a run, play basketball, whatever sport you like..). If you like music, listen to the music that soothes you, if you like to paint or draw, draw or paint it out. That's great that you decided to ask, that's very mature..... :)
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Sophie Sophie
yes i can. when life has been so crap for so long and nothing seems to work out.when theres so much anger inside and you've run out of ways to let it out. when get so upset and angry,my claws come out.i scram my arms over and over again until the pain goes away.after iv done it i don't feel proud. i know some ppl do it to get scars and blood,theres website with ppl like that on,and everyone encourages each other to do it,even when there not angry or upset! i think that is a bit weird! its not a good thing. iv never used anything else apart from my nails to cut myself,because i don't ever plan to do it,its a spear of the moment type thing. it doesn't happen often,but all the same it does happen! xxxx
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Posey Posey
ok, its both. Self-harm as some people like to call it, releases these things called endorphins, now these are like chemicals, i guess like adrenaline, in basic talk there alot more complex though. but what they do is make you feel happy. You could maybe link it to being high? and making you feel "better" but its not actually making you high for the record. But it just stimulates your nerves and makes you feel not stressed and better. Thats why cutters cut, not attention, well true cutters anyways.
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Maura Maura
Hey Uh I think maybe talk to your doctor about alternative stress relieve, because you don't want to fall down that self harm **** hole, you've only started so you can stop, just talk to a doctor say your really stressed what can they recommend.... I know it feels good now, but it will get deeper trust me....
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Latisha Latisha
self harm. and if you dont get help, then that will stop working (since you'll get used to it) then you will have to go to more extreme measures...so stop while your ahead
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