Will this motherboard fit in this case?

Will this motherboard fit in this case? Topic: Case start
June 17, 2019 / By Blain
Question: To start off im no computer expert. Ive been looken at this case http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811133021 my motherboard in my current case is from dell. It's a mini atx or something like that. the brand is not wat im concerned with ..its the back of the motherbard part i am talken about, the input area. The panal sheild i think is non removable on the dell cases and the motherboard panal itself is smal and was wondering if it would even fit in this case. Thanks for the help What about the panal sheild problem?
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Acey Acey | 4 days ago
uhh thats the therlmaltake armor... thats a full tower case. It's enormous. I don't think you are going to know how big that case is until you see it. You're little dell probably isnt even a mid tower. It's probably a mini tower just large enough to hold a micro atx case. Yes, it fits fine. You could probably put 4 micro atx motherboards into the armor and still have room.
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Acey Originally Answered: New motherboard - need case to fit!
Yes, just get a case that says ATX in the list. It could also support Mid ATX or mini ATX (which are smaller sizes) It just needs to have the screw holes for ATX.
Acey Originally Answered: New motherboard - need case to fit!
Just a regular ATX case will do. If you're looking for a very good and reasonably priced case take a look at the Antec 6580. It's very handy and quiet with its special HD supports

Sophy Sophy
a million) motherboards are available in distinctive type aspects. the main hardship-loose are ATX, mini-ATX, and micro-ATX. you will desire to be certain that the case you get could be useful the type factor of your motherboard. mid-towers and finished-towers will greater healthful all of those kinds. 2) theres no thank you to rather know if a processor will bottleneck a pictures card or no longer aside from journey. regardless of the undeniable fact that, there is no longer relatively compatibility themes between the CPU and pictures card, see you later because of the fact the motherboard helps the two one in each of them. customary rule of thumb tho, in case you're putting in a good pictures card, dont positioned an previous CPU (like a celeron) in or maybe the low end of the present line (center 2 Duo @ a million.6Ghz to illustrate) EDIT: seems good guy! All those aspects will artwork ok at the same time. The socket variety of the motherboard suits the cpu and the case helps ATX, that's what the motherboard is.
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Posie Posie
the 2 main types of motherboards you will find are: -Mini ATX -ATX 75% of cases are ATX or u can get Extended ATX cases like my self which are HUGE and will fit all motherboards.
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Posie Originally Answered: Desktop Case and MotherBoard Help?
You're making it more complicated than it is. Your motherboard says it is a ATX motherboard. Look at the details tab on your case's product page. Motherboard compatibility: ATX, Micro-ATX, BABY AT Therefore, any ATX motherboard will fit. The case has multiple pre-drilled holes that will fit any of the above motherboards.

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