I have a fellow from Ghana who is asking me to pick up laptops for him from Beat Buy?

I have a fellow from Ghana who is asking me to pick up laptops for him from Beat Buy? Topic: Assignment writing service usa
June 17, 2019 / By Blaize
Question: He insist his brother will be ordering these laptops with his credit card but wants me to pick up at Best Buy since his brother is on assignment out of the US. He is asking for my address and then says he will have me send them FedEx to him so he can sell them in Ghana so he can obtain funds so he can leave their & return to US. He has had numerous issues since last May when he went to work on a contract in that country. I believe this is a scam but wanted to address it here. He has been in contact with me for about.8 months via text messaging & messenger. He claims to be Italian but has lived in US before going to Ghana to work with his son. His English is not very good and a few times on phone he seems like a different person then the person that writes. I don't want to believe this is a scam but in my heart this all sounds no good. I met this person on match.com about 8 months ago. He claims he has no funds and his accounts are froze here in the US. He says he can't do anything until he can get back to US. So he explains that by selling these laptops their will solve all his problems.
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Acie Acie | 6 days ago
It's a long running scam and you are the one who will be arrested for fencing stolen goods. DO NOT give your home address for any reason. Google Reshipping Scam -- people go to jail for this every year. These criminals buy items from Best Buy with stolen credit cards, ship to your home address, then have you ship to Ghana or some other country. When the real card holder reports the theft, the investigation leads to YOUR front door and YOU are the one arrested for theft and fraud since the items were mailed to you And you can't pick up anything from Best Buy - you are required to present the credit card used to make the purchase and a photo ID in order to pick up anything from Best Buy. You cannot pick up with a receipt - if you don't have the actual credit card used to make the online purchase and a photo ID with the same name, Best Buy will not allow you to pick up anything Ghana is the capital of online romance scams - it's one of the only countries in the world where the US Embassy has had to create a whole page devoted to this specific scam as they are so common targeting Americans and they were getting multiple calls daily from the victims http://ghana.usembassy.gov/romance_scam.... Tell him you work so are never home to accept FedEx shipments but you found a few services - Bundlebox, One USA Address and Mail Boxes Etc that will accept the packages and ship to him for just a $5 per item fee. Say that you have already spoken to all three of them who confirmed they can ship to Ghana And the ONLY way to work in Ghana is to be sponsored by a Ghanaian company who is required by law to not only ensure you return to your country before your visa expires, but is also required to be financially responsible for the employee. NOBODY would be working on an assignment in Ghana unless he were a high level corporate executive earning over $250,000/year Cut off all contact ASAP. Just pray you haven't given this criminal your full name, date of birth and other information need http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx
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