How can i develop better study habits?

How can i develop better study habits? Topic: How can i make myself do my homework
June 17, 2019 / By Blake
Question: its my sophomore year in high school and i want to make this my best year academically. i am a very organized person. there is a little room for improvement in that area but overall I'm a very organized student. however, the area where i need the most help is study habits. I'm a smart kid, I'm not afraid to admit it. i have always seemed to get pretty good grades, high B's and low A's, just by skimming the material. but i want to get great grades. i want to remember the material after i am finished with the chapter. i have always done the bare minimum on my homework just so i can get it done. assignments take me 15 minutes tops. and i remember the material for a few days and then its all gone. so how can i develop better study habits so i can remember the material, and get better grades, and eventually get into a great college. school has always been easy for me. and i hate seeing all of my friends busting their butts to get good grades but still fall short while i barely do anything and i still get good grades. i want to actually earn the grades i get. and remember the things i learn. so how can i develop better study habits, and methods to help me remember the material? doing the bare minimum just isnt good enough for me anymore. i want more. i want to earn the grades i get, and remember the materials so i can help my friends out and help them get great grades too.
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Acke Acke | 7 days ago
Start a study group. If you actually study the material together everyone will learn. This can't be the only time you study, but an hour twice a week is a good investment. In college, I thought I could pass Organic Chemistry all I had to do was study every night. I thought the people who failed were just partying too much. So I studied, every night for a couple of hours. I thought that first test was going to be a breeze. Imagine my shock when I scored a 44%. I never failed a test before, and I studied my butt of for this one. I dropped the class. First drop I ever had. The next semester, I retook it. This time on the first day a group of us already new each other--we were all failures from last semester, about 20 of us. We decided to meet in the library after class for a while and go over stuff every lecture. It hit me I failed cause I was trying to just memorize the stuff to forget it, but in the group sometimes I was a teacher, sometimes a student, and every minute we were together I was actually learning how the mechanisms of the reaction occurred because I had to explain them to this 1 guy over and over so much. He would ask me such silly questions and want me to explain why it happened that I really new my stuff. First test came and we blew the curve. I scored a 106%-got the bonus question. All the group got A's and B's except for my poor guy. He got a C. English was his second language and he was just thrilled. If he passed this class he was off to chiropratic school. So give a group study a try. Everyone involved doesn't have to be a genius just working toward the same goal.
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Acke Originally Answered: How to fix procrastination habits?
Take a shower and eat when you first come home, and don't do anything else until your homework is done. Find a way to punish yourself if you do get distracted.
Acke Originally Answered: How to fix procrastination habits?
1. Think of your favorite movie's star, singer, sports-man/woman, comic or real hero, etc. 2. Ask yourself how would this person deal with the delayed homework subject. 3. Do the same thing!

Spring Spring
yah you need to do more than the bare minimum. working hard is very important. go over the material for each class every day when you come home. do you homework, participate in class, be active.
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Spring Originally Answered: I want to know how to study effectively for tests, I study everyday but still keep getting bad grades, help?
There's a difference between studying hard and studying smart. The first thing to do would be establishing what type of learner you are. Are you an audio learner? Meaning, do you retain information better when you hear someone say it or when you repeat it out loud? If so, bring a recorder and record lectures and play it at home. Are you a visual learner? Do you have to draw pictures, charts and diagrams to help you understand the material? Are you a kinesthetic learner? Someone who needs to take a "hands on" approach? Maybe you have to write the information out over and over again till you remember. After finding the method that works for you, it's important to disburse your studies over a period of time. So it's a good thing you're not cramming.
Spring Originally Answered: I want to know how to study effectively for tests, I study everyday but still keep getting bad grades, help?
First of all, how well do you do on tests? If you really are studying hard and work more than much more people...then it would show on your test grades. If you just sit there and read the textbook and don't understand it, you shouldn't be wasting your time, instead, go try to find someone who can help you, or go to some tutoring. Exactly how much is " A lot of studying and work"? Also, i am also a freshman in high school. :) I ask my cousin for help on my homework, and spend hours...and i mean like over 10 hrs a day (on weekends) On weekdays, i have too less time to study, so i pack it all up and wait for the weekend. ( Although that is not a good way to do things, its my own way of learning i guess)

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