Cost for ALL licenses?

Cost for ALL licenses? Topic: How to write a school charter
June 24, 2019 / By Blaze
Question: I was wondering how much it would cost to get all the ground training, license costs, and airplane insurance/hourly costs to get your ATP? I was planning to gon ibnto the aiforce, get my training there.. but do you still need to get training after you get out of the military? so how much would it cost for training to get your licenses all the way up to ATP and how much would it cost for training to be a pilot after ive been in the airforce?
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Ackerlea Ackerlea | 8 days ago
Aviophag is right, but she's a little behind the times cost-wise. Depending on where you train and what aircraft you fly, the Commercial, Instrument, Multi-engine, and Flight Instructor ratings will cost between $35,000 to $50,000 in the USA. Some university flight programs, as well as schools with one year "accelerated training" can cost up to $70,000. The figures just quoted will just get you to the 250 flight hour mark. To qualify as a charter pilot or air taxi pilot requires a minimum of 500 flight hours.The ATP certificate requires a minimum of 1,500 flight hours. If you were to pay for 1,500 hours of flight time, including a couple hundred hours in multi-engine aircraft (which you would need to qualify as copilot for a regional airline), the total cost would be close to $200,000. Most people cannot afford that (nor can you get flight training loans for that much), so they build time working as flight instructors and in other areas of general aviation. If you were to learn to fly in the Air Force, all you'd need to do to get your civilian licenses is take groundschool, pass the written tests and take a couple of checkrides. Total cost for that would be around $1000 or so.
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Spirit Spirit
If you go through the military, you can get all the ratings and certificates without spending a penny. The cost is the six years or more in service to your country, which you hopefully will consider a privilege, rather than a cost. If you don't go through the military, you will spend about $25,000 on flight time to secure your Commercial Certificate with CFI, multi-engine and instrument ratings. After that you can earn most of your flight time. If you add it all up, it will be about $90,000 to $100,000 US by the time you have the ATP certificate.
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Primula Primula
Actually, military flight training is not free. You will have to pay at least the cost of a 4 year college degree. You will need at least that to qualify for a commission.
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Mavreena Mavreena
Differents states have diverse fees, i comprehend in South Carolina the license fee $40.00 and it take you 2 days to get it and that they've a notary public interior the workplace and he or she fees $40 to marry you that comparable day and you get your certificates good there on the spot for an further $5. seem up marriage on your state on the information superhighway and that they many times have all of it spelled out for you. good luck
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Lauraine Lauraine
you can just get your private, instrument, and multi engine, commercial,then go to a college such as embry riddle and get a degree and your ATP. high cost, you will need help so saave what you can
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