Need the opinion of a cosmetologist or salon manager?

Need the opinion of a cosmetologist or salon manager? Topic: Education resume writing service
June 17, 2019 / By Bliss
Question: need opinions on this.. i have no prior work experience, that's why it isn't listed. i've been struggling with this for quite some time, hoping i finally got it right! Objective: ⋄ To obtain a position as a hair stylist Qualifications: ⋄ Quick to learn and adapt to new techniques ⋄ Excellent manual dexterity ⋄ Excellent hand-eye coordination ⋄ Outstanding customer service skills ⋄ Good physical health and stamina ⋄ Enthusiastic learner Professional Skills: ⋄ Unisex haircutting/styling ⋄ Foiling/capping ⋄ Tinting/bleaching ⋄ Perming ⋄ Facials ⋄ Manicuring ⋄ Pedicuring ⋄ Waxing ⋄ Curling iron/roller sets Education: Mr. Bernard's School of Hair Fashion September 2010 to November 2011 ⋄ Licensed cosmetologist with the Maine State Board of Cosmetology Achievements: Bernard's Annual Banquet ⋄ 1st Place in Avant-Garde competition ⋄ First in history of competition to receive perfect score from all judges the question is, does this seem like an okay resume? should i take out or add anything? i've never written one before, for anything, and with no prior work experience, it looks pathetic without the "experience" section, i feel
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Ackerley Ackerley | 9 days ago
Hey! I graduated from the Bernard's in Bangor! And won First place in the Avant Garde up here at our banquet last of October of 2010...That looks pretty much like my Resume...Have you gone to any Hair shows? Any educational class, I'd add in, Like the Neo-Extensions, and I'm sure the Onix straightening system, or the Kera Spa,someone without any experience in the hair field, know..
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the place do you reside? you ought to confirm the main suitable cosmetology colleges obtainable to you. some good ones interior the U. S. are Aveda academies, Vidal Sassoon academies, Alberto Culver, Pivot component Academy, Paul Mitchell Academies. look them up on the internet. If an fantastic college isn't an selection a great "coaching for pay" software is the respond. Toni and guy salons have distinctive the main suitable coaching interior the international for new graduates on an identical time as you artwork. There are others too.

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