EBAY Buyer claims misrepresented item. Pay Pal Dispute?

EBAY Buyer claims misrepresented item. Pay Pal Dispute? Topic: Guitar case smell good
June 17, 2019 / By Blythe
Question: I sold a Guitar on eBay to someone in Canada. He received it and now claims i sold him a fake Chinese copy. He obviously doesn't know what he is talking about (or wants to rip me off). He also states there was damage to the case. There was not, and i have pictures, but not of the entire case. Why would that matter if you think you have a fake guitar anyways....He opened a dispute with paypal, they froze the money from that sale. I have letters from experts and receipts from where i bought it stating that it is in fact genuine, as well as pictures. I escalated the dispute and am sending paypal my "proof". I know for a fact the sale was legit. A very good deal for him. Either he is trying to pull a fast one, or he inst educated enough to know a fake from a authentic guitar. whats to stop him now from going somewhere with a fake and saying thats what i sold him? What are my chances with this dispute?
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Ackerly Ackerly | 10 days ago
Your chances are excellent as long as you have your proof readiliy available and submit it in a timely manner. Please make sure you send copies - not originals - of the pictures, customs' forms, shipping forms, authenticicity records, etc. Do not back down from this as some sellers do. This person seems to be unsavory. First he claims a fake, then it is damaged - yeah, RIGHT - something smells to high heaven here! They will notice an obvious attempt to defraud you here. Whatever you do, I would not accept the guitar back should he all of sudden want to return it. He may indeed try a "Bait & Switch" - that has happened to me twice. I sell vintage Barbie items. Thank God I know the collections well and the differences, because I caught them the two times it was attempted Unfortunately, PayPal has to freeze the funds until the dispute is cleared. That stinks, but it is to protect all concerned. PayPal does not side on either party, they will be fair. They have been fair with me in their dealings in the times that I have had problems in the past and with those two incidents - I was refunded my money.
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All commercial sales are "as is" with no warranties unless the buyer received a warranty from you. Since there was no warranty, you have no obligation to him. You could offer to refund his money if you choose. If you think that the sticky buttons were a "sign" that the machine was failing.
Ackerly Originally Answered: Craigslist buyer problems?
Since you didn't say that there was no returns, than you have to give the money back. Next time, include that in your ad. FYI - maybe the shipping jiggled something and it was working when you sent it but it's not when he received it.

Stacey Stacey
dont give up, continue talking with paypal, it shows you are legit. constantly check in and leave comments on the subject. you have about a 50/50 chance. i have found that paypal disputes are very slow, and not always reliable like they say they are.
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Pris Pris
MICHAEL, please go here: http://forums.ebay.com/db2/forum.jspa?fo... that is the ebay Trust and Safety Forum. post your question and they will help you the best they can. very knowledgeable peeps over there.
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