In an auto accident? should I sue?

In an auto accident? should I sue? Topic: Car accident case settlement amount
June 17, 2019 / By Bob
Question: so i was sittin at a stop light when this truck just hits me from the rear, should i sue for my injuries or just let it go? i was a pass. in the car with some friends, the driver says his wife owned the car but im not sure they even have ins. they were pricks about the whole deal. I dont know if they have any ins or not. im going to get a lawyer because its been 2 months and still dont know if they are covered. The thing is, i dont want to sue if it is going to be suein my friends ins. company beacuse it will raise there insurance costs.. but i had back pain and ive been to phy therpy
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Ackley Ackley | 2 days ago
You should claim a reasonable amount from the insurance company to cover your bills, pain, and suffering. If you feel they are short changing you, you can try to sue. Keep in mind that any lawyer is going to keep about a third of the settlement, plus or minus. You could go after them without a lawyer, but remember that they'll have 3 or 4 working on your case.
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Ackley Originally Answered: I believe i have been a victim of auto fraud?
There are two things you didn't mention, and both of them are vital to consumer fraud. First, was this guarantee given to you in writing? If not, there was no guarantee at all and you bought the vehicle as-is. A verbal guarantee is no guarantee at all. Second, what did you pay for this piece of crap? That's a big one. You obviously bought a beater, a vehicle one step away from the scrapyard, so how much did you pay for it? If you paid more than could reasonably be expected for a vehicle in that shape, then yes you were suckered. If you paid the usual market price for it, you simply got what you paid for. And forget all those offices you mentioned, because they're useless to you. If you truly believe you were screwed by a greedy dealership, you want to talk to a lawyer. But make sure you have plenty of hard documentation with you in the courtroom, because hard documentation (not fair or unfair) is what wins court cases.

Stacia Stacia
It's funny how people throw the word "sue" around. Before you "sue" the other party- have you even informed your own insurance about the accident? They will let you know if any of your injury is covered under your own policy and they can likely track down the other at fault parties insurance if they have any. If they dont have any insurance- good luck seeing a penny from the accident. Youll end up spending more money and time on a lawyer then they will make from you. People who dont have insurance sure as heck probably dont have any assets so you will be left paying for a lawyer and not getting any money from the at fault party. Please- before you "sue"- contact your own insurance and claims adjuster can help you proceed.
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Prissy Prissy
What injuries? If there are serious injuries the insurance will pay for all expenses...the insurance will pay for your car to be repaired. If you have an injury that may cause you problems later you need to keep the case open until you know how you will be affected. If you sue just for the sake of getting some cash that is BS!
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Maybelle Maybelle
How serious are you injuries? Was there an attempt to stop on the part of the driver who rear-ended you or was he just driving too fast and being wreckless? If you are seriously hurt and the driver was completely negligent then I'd say take him to court! You always have the right to be compensated for injuries incurred as a result of carelessness! Good Luck!
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Lauren Lauren
Refer this lawsuit over for your coverage company. the want refer the remember to protection counsel. protection counsel will enter an answer on your behalf and safeguard you. only because her fact of damages is $50k, does no longer propose that she will be able to be presented that quantity. The plaintiff has a pre-modern-day back harm. this will be on your want. She desires to educate that this minor incident aggravated or led to a sparkling harm. She probable has yet another declare pending someplace for the first harm. Your protection criminal specialist will subpoena all earlier medical files, and they are going to be reviewed. Your coverage company and protection counsel will do each thing conceivable to settle the declare interior of your coverage reduce. If for some reason they have self belief the declare will exceed your coverage reduce, they are going to notify you well timed. on the instantaneous, you'll want to employ separate counsel for the reason that your coverage company's duty to safeguard ends at the same time as they supply the coverage reduce. contact the claims adjuster and communicate your concerns. The adjuster will clarify each thing to you. only a practise, you may opt to advance your criminal duty limits. As you're literally experiencing, minimum limits may be intense priced.
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Lauren Originally Answered: Is it possible that an auto dealer renig on an agreement?
Your friend was placed into the car on a "spot delivery", a common practice in the industry. The dealer thought that her credit and down payment situation was solid enough to get her bought by a lender. Apparently, the deal they sent to the lender was not acceptable as written. On the back of her contract, it will say something to the tune of "deal is not final until lender approves". This happens all the time, especially with lenders scrutinizing each and every deal that comes across their desk. Since the credit crunch happened, scrunity is becoming more and more thorough. The dealer WANTS to sell you a car, they don't want to pull a fast one. They want their money/commissions just as bad as your buddy wants her car. She has two choices: 1) Take the car back and start over, or 2) Accept the new terms and move on with the other car. Keep in mind, the car still belongs to the dealer until the lender signs off on the deal.

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