I have no idea what to write for my essay. It's due tomorrow and I have no motivation at all?

I have no idea what to write for my essay. It's due tomorrow and I have no motivation at all? Topic: Someone to write my essay for me
June 17, 2019 / By Boniface
Question: I've just been staring at my computer screen for three hours, hurriedly trying to come up with something to write about. But nothing's coming to me. My essay is due tomorrow and I don't know what to write about that doesn't sound cheesy and I'm going to get a zero. The prompt is to write a narrative essay about a memorable life experience; sounds easy enough, but I can't think of anything interesting enough to write about. Obviously no one can choose a life experience for me; but if someone could please, write a few sentences to start off an essay with this prompt, that would help me so much. I promise I won't copy it. I just need to find some motivation somehow.
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Best Answers: I have no idea what to write for my essay. It's due tomorrow and I have no motivation at all?

Adalia Adalia | 5 days ago
First kiss A great vacation loss of a family member LOL for me Sputnik landing in my hometown.
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I hate these kinds of essay, but remember, your teacher knows next to nothing about your life. Just like how we can't choose a memorable life experience, neither can she (or he). I guess what I'm saying is, its okay to exaggerate a little, or to just make something up completely. (so long as its not too far-fetched, the teacher will never know. ;) ) Have you ever been on a family trip, or went camping? Have you gotten a pet, lost a pet? What are some of your favorite things to do with friends? What things do you think about on a daily basis? Just get off the computer, take a short walk around the house and begin to brainstorm these things in your head. Think about how you felt in each instance, and why you like the memory. If you need to exaggerate on the memory a little to make it sound more memorable than otherwise thought to be, than do so. Goodluck.
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Prue Prue
I'm okay if you sort of paraaphrse mine. maybe you shouldn't wait until the last minute, but oh well. Anyway, maybe you can do something like the first time you went on an airplane, when you skinned your knee or something, just ideas for you. For some sentence starters, it depends. Do you want to sound mysterious, entertaining, funny, I'm best at mysterious, but i'll help you as much as i can. If you think that the events of your life are exciting you can use: My life is an exciting one. I've done so much, like the first time I got onto a plane. It was crazy because I was still pretty young(or you can change that if that is a lie) and so on. Except that probably sounded cheesy. What I like to do is haave a dictionary and a thesaurus. My thesaurus is like my next best friend. It is great tool and maybe it'll help you too! I'd say more, but my Parents are nagging at me. Hope I helped and good luck on that essay!
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Mayra Mayra
Ugh, I hate writer's block :P It's one of the most frustrating feelings, especially when you're on a deadline. But, to be honest, whenever I have to write about a life experience(like during standardized testing), I make it up. It's usually easier and faster, and you can add whatever details you want to make it captivating for the reader. Plus, it's lots of fun, especially if you love writing like me. It's like I get to write an adventure all about me. You can add a lesson that you learned at the end. Your teacher doesn't know you so she'll never know ;D Believe me, it's the magic formula to getting an "A" on these types of boring prompts. Hope this helps and good luck! :D
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