Help opening a bussiness?

Help opening a bussiness? Topic: Price of a professional business plan
July 17, 2019 / By Bradford
Question: just like to hear what are some good types of buss. that make good money and how much it would cost to start $10,000 is the most i am planning on spending opening a buss. i live in miami by the way and i dont want nothin with food.
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Aden Aden | 10 days ago
Try learning how to spell and how to use correct grammar first. As a business person I look for the professional appearance. In business appearance is everything! You can get started in many businesses "on the cheap" if you're willing to work hard. One good business is lawn care/gardening. You will need to complete a landscaper's course and get your permit. Then, invest in a good lawn tractor. Used ones cost around $200 to $500. A good weed-eater, leaf blower, small trailer and inexpensive used pickup should get you started. If you do it right, you can get started for around $5k. Then, you can get your clientele built up to earn around $1500 a week, if you are willing to do 8 yards a day, 5 days a week. Cleaning swimming pools is a good job, too. Find out what they charge at the average pool service, and put your prices in line with theirs. You might get some experience by working for a pool maintenance company for a few weeks to see if you like it before you go into business. A good third way to get into business is to start a courier service. Bike couriers are good sources of income with little investment. All you need is a good bike, some contacts, and then you're in business! Find out what the average courier service charges by calling and getting quotes. They will tell you with no hesitation. Just don't tell them what you're upto...hehehe...
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Steffie Steffie
well, you must find things that you are passionate about first and then pick one that will generate the most success. You must love doing something to put your all into it with no complaints. You said no food business, as far as owning a restaurant? Because you have a smoothie stand and a salad bar at every mall in Miami. People go for these things. Also if you interested in real estate investment, entertainment promoter, art gallery, event planner...etc.
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Quanna Quanna
hai friends.... its best to go for data entry jobs.... u can ask any local vendar from your country and start your bussiness in 7000$..... its enough..... this is what my best suggestion... search for direct clients for data entry and request them for a project.... got it..... bye...
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Don't know why a software company would need much land... You aren't going to be google, facebook, or oracle for many years, if ever. You need a room with a desk and internet connection - you can easily get this for $750 in Fountain Valley

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