In this assignment you will create a simplified version of the game battleship?

In this assignment you will create a simplified version of the game battleship? Topic: picture of homework
June 17, 2019 / By Braidy
Question: f you are not familiar with battleship you can read about it online. We will be modeling one side of the game. Basically the Battleship class will read in a list of ships and coordinates from a file and set up a grid for your opponent. The grid will be 10x10. Each ship occupies 1-5 squares on the grid in a straight line, depending on the size of the ship. Coordinates are labeled from 1-10 for the X-axis and from A-J (top to bottom) for the Y-axis. You can then take shots at squares on the grid. Battleship will let you know if you have a hit or a miss and will let you know when you have sunk a ship (hit all of its squares). Battleship will also display the current state of the game from the player’s perspective as a Picture object that is updated after each shot.
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Adison Adison | 5 days ago
What is your question? What you can do is format the file to be comma delimited or something similar. Each delimited space will have a 0 or a 1. A 1 represents a space occupied by a ship, and a 0 represents an empty space. You could also design a shipFile generator that randomly picks a spot and an orientation for each ship and places it. After you get the file situated, get the program to read the file and set up a double dimension area. Then, you can go two routes: Set up the GUI for the game or set up the functions to check if a ship is sunk. For the former, you could simply draw 11 lines vertically and horizontally on an applet form. Otherwise, you could make a picture of 10x10 squares and use it as a background image. As for the latter, you may want to make an additional class for each ship. This class could have size, start position, and direction. Or.. it could have an another class called points. Each of these points has a "hit" "X" and "Y" attribute. etc etc. If you want other people to do your homework, you are cheating only yourself. You are in this programming class either because you want to program or it is required for you major. If you want to program, this is good practice and you should enjoy it... If it's required for your major, you'll likely need it the experience in your profession. Asking people to do your homework will likely make you end up living a mediocre life. Either do the homework or drop out and give the parking spot to someone who's willing to work.
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