Should i ask this girl out today? (little long, but please help)?

Should i ask this girl out today? (little long, but please help)? Topic: Homework the goodbye girl
July 17, 2019 / By Brandon
Question: 'm kind of a shy guy and i've had a major crush on this really smart girl in class for a while. She's beautiful, wears glasses (i LOVE girls who wear glasses), and is just super cute, sweet, and smart. Basically I've been wanting to talk to her for a while. Yesterday, I lucked out and she went to a professor's office hours. I talked to her then and basically helped her a bunch with school work and encouraged her a bit. Afterwards I walked with her out of class, got her phone number for a study group, and we walked and talked for a little and she told me she was going to study. I told her I'm not heading anywhere, smiled, and said I'd study with her. During the time we studied I talked about my interests, asked about hers, what she studies, goals and stuff. We both love studying languages, and I loved studying arabic and she's lebanese, so she knows arabic, so that was cool. Anyways we kept talking about stuff we do in school, research, and stuff and i helped her with homework. After I said goodbye and she left I texted her "Let me know about future study groups. Even if things may not have been super productive I enjoyed talking to you. It's nice to talk to someone who knows what they want in life :)." She texted me "Will do and I agree :)" Should I ask her out today? I really like her. When I like someone I just open up more and tell them about my interests and stuff I do and show genuine interest in them. I feel kind of guilty because I've accomplished a lot of stuff people normally don't do and it make me feel bad to have to talk about my research and how a very influential geneticist thinks i'm smarter than him and is depending on me. I hope she doesnt think i was bragging. Anyways should i ask her out today when we are in class? It'd be the second time we talked. I really am tempted to.
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Adney Adney | 8 days ago
oh thats positive.. properly all she needs is a few sensible, then she'll sure. properly examine which includes her about thoughts, unhappy and chuffed. tell her what she needs to hearken to.perhaps get her a fine looking rose and delivers it to her even as u see the right second. Make her experience particular and be the guy for her each and every time she needs someone to be round her each and every time shes unhappy. tell her, your be her handkerchief to wipe of her tears, so tell her to call you even as shes needs something. Say lovable wonderful %. up lines to her like : - How is your day, even even with the undeniable fact that you're not from now on the following and nowhere to be stumbled on, my heart says you're nonetheless the following and everywhere to be stumbled on. I gaze up on the solar, and that i'm comforted because i comprehend that a similar solar's worry-free is lights your face. The try of love isn't once we are at the same time. It comes once we are no longer at the same time and do not ignore that even with the gap, love remains there. once you experience on my own, in simple terms look on the areas between your hands, do not forget that in those areas you will locate my hands locked with yours always. those lonely nights are difficult to get via. i am going to shop you in my eyes via creating you a dream. Kiss the rain, whenever you want me. Kiss the rain, each and every time i'm lengthy gone too lengthy. in case your lips, experience lonely and thirsty, kiss the rain, and look ahead to the break of day. shop in thoughts, we are lower than a similar sky and the evening's as empty for me, as for you. in case you experience you won't be able to attend till morning, kiss the rain, kiss the rain, kiss the rain. Say something sweet to her, words could pop out from the middle of your man or woman.
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B! i had this girl who everyone hated that clinged onto me for years! and she brought me down just like this girl is bringing you down. everyone thought that i was just like her just because i felt sorry for her, they thought we were actually friends, but i was just pretending to be friends with her because i felt bad. anyhow, don't let her ruin your life just because she's ruining her own. she needs to learn the hard way. i am so much better off without that girl, and you will be too. dump the girl and get your life back
Adney Originally Answered: K, there's this girl, so help me out peoples? sorry if the explanations tooo long. Sorry.
I want I might return in time and take a look at everywhere once more. I overlooked out on such a lot amusing. Jenny you're in prime university and consider me you will have to be having fun with your self. I know the way you suppose approximately persons now not liking you and also you cant for the lifetime of you determine why! Like you Im fine and now not impolite and take a look at to make peers with persons nevertheless it is going to a factor after which stops. I will inform you that the truth that you're fashionable with men is an virtually assurance that different women are going to be angry! lol But besides you're in prime university and satisfactory of all you will have a mother which I didnt have whilst I used to be an adolescent. I might speak matters over with my mother if I have been you. See what she says. I recognize alot of teens dont detect how fortunate they're to have dad and mom, however I assurance you she is in your aspect greater than anybody else on this planet and will deliver you the satisfactory recommendation! And such as you stated to me I do know the way you suppose!
Adney Originally Answered: K, there's this girl, so help me out peoples? sorry if the explanations tooo long. Sorry.
Well it's tough. First of all you should care about what you feel and not about what others say about you. If this girl was your true I would recommend you to stay with her no matter what others do. You can survive withoout your classmates, which are not all your friends. However, you say she is NOT a friend, and she is not a positive person in your life isn't she? Therefore, you might be wasting your tiime. Sometimesyou try to help people, but before receiving someone's help they must help themselves. So if you are losing your time leave her, and get back to your normal life , as right now you are not contributing to anything.

Stevania Stevania
From what I hear she seems to enjoy being with you. You could ask her out today or wait a few more study groups, If I was her it wouldn't be weird if somebody asked me out in that short a time.
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