What does my dog have? And how can we fix it?

What does my dog have? And how can we fix it? Topic: How can problem solving be taught
June 17, 2019 / By Brannon
Question: I have a male german shepherd and we cant figure out what he has (not even the vet, he keeps changing his mind from allergies to ear infection to whatever)... if somebody could give me any ideas on what he might have we would greatly appreciate it... and how to treat it. His Symptoms Are: -Scratching for over a year now(constantly) -Skin color change(kind of purpleish) -Weakness (don't know if it's from the medicine we have been giving him or just a symptom) -Lethargy -Weight loss(some pounds here and there) -Dry Skin (especially his paws) -And sad kind of look on his face :( (doesn't really play around anymore) ... We changed his food because we heard that that could be the problem but it didn't do anything and the vet recommended one fish oil a day, two flucanozole pills a day, and 4 allergy pills, so we have been giving him that daily for a couple weeks or so.... PLEASE HELP!!!! *Have gone to different vets and all they want to do is give him shots (which only work for 2 or 3 days)*
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