How can I convince my parents that I don't want to do sports?

How can I convince my parents that I don't want to do sports? Topic: Preschool write letter d
June 17, 2019 / By Brayden
Question: I've done sports every year since preschool. Basketball most years, baseball every year until 6th grade, and soccer every single year. The thing is, I'm not good. I had an asshole of a coach last year (soccer, basketball), I realized just how much I suck. My parents obviously would beg to differ. I told them I didn't want to at the beginning of Summer and they were like "You had a bad coach that's all." Now, they're asking me if my cleats still fit and if I need new shorts, etc. My parents just won't listen to me anymore. I'm a ginger and at the beginning of seventh grade they said I could dye my hair for high school and now they won't let me. Like I get picked on for a lot of things, especially in seventh grade and even though it won't change me I feel like I'd just feel a little more normal physically. One less thing that makes me stand out. I get good grades, I stay out of trouble, do what I'm told, you know. And because of that I can get lots of rides to hang out with people from out of my school because my school hates me. I don't want to just not sign up. I'm extremely shy so I can't like just say it that I don't. How can I convince them that I'm not going to do sports. They'll shame me, and make me feel like a loser for not doing it. That's what I don't want. How can I avoid that? I'm going to be starting ninth grade in the fall. I hate Trolls. If anyone finds Cammy Models actually breaking any community guidelines report her for that and trolling. Her entire account is a troll alias. Ha! She blocked me!
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Aengus Aengus | 2 days ago
If you're shy, write a letter. Then there won't be any mess ups or you won't forget anything. Make it lengthy (like a page long on a sheet of handwriten paper) put it in an envalope to show you put time and effort into it so they would consider it. By the way... you may be called a ginger.. but honestly... sometimes i wish i was a redhead because It's so unique and different. The most popular girl in my school is a redhead. So it's really not bad. (Thats just my opinion from what i'm hearing). If you color it... you should REALLY know if a different color would look good on you (Try on some wigs to see if it does)
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Stormy Stormy
You say you're a ginger and you get picked on for it? I don't think you are getting picked on because of your sexual orientation. I think it has more to do with your tattletaling, as exhibited in your above post. When I taught 2nd and 3rd grades in the 50s, 60s and 70s, we teachers had a special corner in the room for those who liked to tattle. Most people find tattletalers annoying and simply don't like them. If you carry that attitude into your school, the kids won't like you and neither will a lot of the teachers. Take a good look at yourself and see what you can do about your attitude that might make others like you better.
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Racheal Racheal
You're kind of whiney, and you're a little off topic there too at the end sparky. I think you need to do a little more maturing then maybe people wouldn't make fun of you. No offense. I really hope things work out for you though. Oh and I'd just go ahead and dye your hair. Red hair is kind of weird, you're right about that. You'd feel better about yourself and then maybe have better self esteem and wouldn't be headed toward being a bully. I'm seeing that tendancy. Hope it works out.
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Melba Melba
Tell your parents you want to do something different. There's lots of other things like can do and a bunch of different clubs you can join in high school. Good luck (:
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Leanna Leanna
Oh hunn....you're not really a loser even though you think you are. Stop calling yourself that. It really isn't darling. You need to believe in yourself hunn. You are a darling young person with darling ginger hair and you should be proud of it. You should just stand up for yourself like you did on my question when you just stormed right onto my question and called me a name. You should be brave like that hunn. Good luck.
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