Idk what this job is called?

Idk what this job is called? Topic: How to write a daily report to manager
June 17, 2019 / By Brennan
Question: alright so i signed up for a job through my high school and got the job. I trained today and what me and my partner did was go door to door and tried to convince people to subscribe to Union Tribune newspaper. Is this a paper route? & how can i get customers to subscribe? How can i be a good employee and make my manager happy so he can pay me more? And is there any ways to get a little extra cash?
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Ahaziah Ahaziah | 6 days ago
That is not what I would call a "paper route." I had a paper route when I was a kid. I delivered newspapers. I didn't actually have to try to sell them to anyone because in those days, before the internet and cable television, practically everyone got the daily newspaper. The publisher delivered them to my house every day, then I delivered them to the subscribers' homes. You have a job selling newspaper subscriptions. In my opinion, you have a hard job. I think that because I think newspapers are nearly useless anymore. They tend to have an obvious political bias, usually left-wing, but sometimes right-wing, and they rarely admit to their bias. Thus, I regard their reporting as almost entirely editorializing. I suggest you do what a person once told me I would have to do if I was going to work for him. I interviewed for a job selling cars. I never took the job, and never did get any job selling cars. I do remember one part of the job interview that seemed odd to me. The sales manager told me that I would "have to drive the product." That meant that I would have to use one of the dealership's cars as my personal vehicle. The explanation seemed weird to me. Since I was only about 20 or so at the time, I did not understand why it would be a bad thing to have to get a different car every few weeks, or maybe even every week. I thought that was a good thing, but most people thought it was a nuisance. Since I never took the job, I don't know if it would have been fun or a pain in the neck. What I remember best about the care salesman job interview is that it was a very big dealership that was very successful, and they INSISTED that all their salespeople drive the brands of cars they were supposed to sell. I'm telling you this because the rule seems to me to have been a good idea. The dealership was very successful, and it was their rule, so I figure it helped to sell cars. I think you should do what that sales manager told me I would have to do if i took a job with him. I would have to use the product I was trying to sell. I think you should do that. Read the newspaper every day, and then tell people all the useful things you learned from it. Don't be a wuss - read the whole paper every day. Then tell people about what a great paper it is. If you read the whole paper every day, and you think it is well worth reading, it should be easy to tell others about it. If you read it and think it stinks, then I think you should get another job. In all honesty, your grammar is not great. You might learn better grammar from reading the paper every day. You asked your question in a way that seems like you intended it to be well-written, but you made several grammar errors. It might help you a lot if you read well-written material every day. If this is not clear, please ask me to explain better. If you want me to correct the grammar in your question, just ask me. I'll do it for you. Peace be with you.
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Summer Summer
LOL DUDE your a freakin paperboy, irrespective of what number of scripts you sell, or how fast you give, no person cares. You would more commonly get persons to subscribe via giving blowjobs, however you dont wanna do that bro, money isnt the whole lot. Rather? Your in ******* excessive school and the exceptional you are able to do is a ******* paper route? Pay attention up chum, exit, get a real job, and make some actual cash. Women don't need to **** a paper boy. Ladies like cars and money, no longer paper boys in the bike brigade.
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Racquel Racquel
you are an agent for a newspaper that needs' more customers'. it is a thankless job and I use the word job very loose. it is not a proper job because you are paid for the amount of people you can sign up. say there are 5 blocks' with 20 homes' in each block. everyone signs' up then you have to go further out to get more people. you cannot go back to the ones' who say no. what do you do then. you find you have no job.
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