Does Bushey really think telling people not to ask about the CIA tapes will end the issue?

Does Bushey really think telling people not to ask about the CIA tapes will end the issue? Topic: Cia papers
June 17, 2019 / By Bryan
Question: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071215/ap_on_go_pr_wh/cia_videotapes Don't you think he should just fess up at this point? Yes, the Libs caught him w/ his pants down. Nixon went down for this exact same thing. Why is Bushey allowing history to repeat its self? Redrum, How is the Nixon comparison different? Both tried to cover up a scandal committed by their administration that neither nessicarily had anything to do with. Nixon's cover up was to protect his friends & his administration. Sounds like a pretty good analogy to me. So why am I incorrect? This just irritates me. It is a matter of balance of power & truth. Maybe if was just a poor choice of words. Sure, I accept the national security impact, but telling judges not to do their jobs is totally unacceptable. Also, the Nazi's conducted some of the most heinous war crimes ever. But, at the same time, they kept fairly accurate records. Why couldn't we? If nothing else, it could have cleared us. Now we have nothing to squash the conspiracies.
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Best Answers: Does Bushey really think telling people not to ask about the CIA tapes will end the issue?

Albert Albert | 6 days ago
The Justice Department and the CIA's internal watchdog are conducting a joint inquiry into the matter to determine whether a full investigation is warranted. With that review ongoing, the White House counsel's office has instructed White House press secretary Dana Perino not to get into details with reporters. Bush publicly said "There's a preliminary inquiry going on and I think you'll find that a lot more data, facts will be coming out," he said, "that's good. It will be interesting to know what the true facts are."
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Syd Syd
I think at this point he's just hoping his first executive order (sealing away any former president's papers from public view for as long as he or his heirs want to keep them secret) holds up after he's out of office. The writing is on the wall. The story will come out slowly over the next few years, and we Americans are going to be extremely embarrassed at what has transpired in our names. The destroyed interrogation tapes are merely exhibit 239(a) in the ongoing Bush debacle. On 9/11,while waiting to be interviewed by investigators, a bunch of air traffic controllers got together and tape recorded their recollections of their experiences that morning so that it would all be as fresh as possible. When the investigator got the tape, he pulled it out of the housing, cut it into tiny bits, and deposited the bits in multiple trash cans on multiple floors of the building. The official reason given was that nobody had been authorized to make such a tape....
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Reba Reba
who cares what they do to terrorist. the deserve anything we do to them and even more. there hasn't been no attack on us soil since 911 we have stopped more attempts. do you think the terrorist would be nice to a American in interrogation? i dont think so they will kill you and video it so the world can see. people will see in the next few years how much bush has really done to stop terrorist. right when the dems take office if the do there will be another attack because they will let the guards down and then say bush didnt do his job he could have stopped this. you will see this all take place as soon as we get out of the middle east the hadjis will build up a good head of steam and attack us again.
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Merlyn Merlyn
*Whats going to happen when these same Demorats will have to fess up to knowing about and viewing those same tapes,and knew they were about to be destroyed? It's going to end up like all the rest of the Demorats ravings.....Crapola... Wonder what they call what Sandy "The burglar" Berger did? EDIT: by the way; nice try with Nixon. it won't fly. different situations. try reading history sometime.
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Leslie Leslie
The administrations continued refrain of "it will interfere with current investigations by Congress and the Justice Department" whenever they are asked hard questions about their actions is really getting old. Since when has the white house cared about, let alone willingly cooperated with, congressional investigations? They also have a history of destroying documents "by accident" that could prove embarrassing, in violation of federal law.
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