Why do people Shop for those certain expensive brands names?

Why do people Shop for those certain expensive brands names? Topic: Glass display case small
June 24, 2019 / By Bryant
Question: I'm not really talking about Nike, Adidas or Levis There prices go up and down all the time. I'm talking about brands that magically pop up like Supreme, Tisa, and basically any youth brand. For example Supreme is known for retailing Asian Tiger Camo or basically camouflage of the majority of colors, and they charge 300$ for a military jacket or a 100% for a hat that's looks a special Ed would wear, (sorry if I offended anyone) to me it doesn't look like a hat. Anyways the jackets are made with the exact material that the other brands like propper (official army gear), and rothco. Except propper sometimes uses 100% cotton, and Rothco uses polyester on there top quality jackets, but that's a different story they still use the same material as Supreme uses. The only main difference between those brands is the supreme logo being stich inside jacket which is retarded to pay 300$ for a jacket that in most cases has a smaller sizing so your already getting ****, and it is the same patteren to propper which they charge 60$ on there site but you can get them 20$ off on amazon. Another example, like Tisa. They will make the same snapback design as new era or 47 brand( they are expensive brands just not as expensive as Tisa) and they will charge about at least 40$ more than a regular snapback. I really think it's stupid just because it has Tisa stich on the side in a very ugly design, and a little logo on the back It can go for so much. Why do people shop for expensive brands. I'm not cheap I like to shop for expensive brands as well, but only if its worth it. For example I like to buy jordans shoes but not the jordan clothing because I can always go to an outlet, and get it cheaper. Im not paying 80$ for a sweater that has a little *** that has the same quality as a 15 dollar sweater. Can anyone please inform why do we buy these expensive brands that have the same quality as these original name brands? It makes no sense.
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Albin Albin | 7 days ago
Easy Answer: Watch the movie American Psycho or better yet, read the book. The movie has the necessary visuals but the book is a lot better. There's a reason why Kiton is called the hedge fund managers brand. As taken from the wikipedia article on Kiton: There are two lines of ready to wear suits, the "classic line", which retails for approximately US$ 7,000[3] to US $8,000,[4] and the "CIPA 1960" line, introduced in 2010, starting at US$5,500.[4] Made to measure suits reach above US $20,000[3] and up to US$ 50,000 for the "K-50" line,[5] so called because of the number of production hours per piece and the number of units produced per year.[6] It is said that tailors from Italy, especially Naples, are superior to those from other regions. You can compare this to Japanese sushi chefs or Cuban cigar rollers. My knowledge of tailoring is next to none so I won't be able to give an opinion about this, however I've heard this said so many times by so many people who are "in the business" that I'm inclined to believe it. For what it's worth, my knowledge of Japanese cuisine is also next to none and I've never smoked a cigar in my life. For some insight into tailoring, I love this clip: http://vimeo.com/1213401 Having said that I do not think this is necessarily the reason why you would want to buy the top brands going for 3 to 7 thousand off the rack. It's culture, it's prestige, it's your social circle. I have second hand accounts of culture within certain parts of the finance industry and what you wear, what you drive, how much you earn, where you sleep, how your apartment looks like, who you f**k, they all matter. It's a highly competitive setting where people are gauged by financial succes. I don't want to generalize, but I have experienced some of this. Basically it's prestige and social surroundings. Brands display financial status and power. Why otherwise would brands like Kiton be called the hedge fund manager's and the top executive's brand? Now do keep in mind that given the small amount of excellent tailors out there I can understand that there are suits that cost thousands of dollars, especially when made bespoke, but something like a 20k bespoke suit seems a little over the top to me. Bret Easton Ellis, the author of American Psycho, comes from the Wall Street yuppie scene and based his novels on those observations. The business card scene as well as the quote below illustrate my point. Business card scene: Patrick Bateman: Paul Allen has mistaken me for this ******** Marcus Halberstram. It seems logical because Marcus also works at P&P and in fact does the same exact thing I do and he also has a penchant for Valentino suits and Oliver Peoples glasses. Marcus and I even go to the same barber, although I have a slightly better haircut.
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