How do you like my poem, "Adonai, here's love by rain"

How do you like my poem, "Adonai, here's love by rain" Topic: Umbrella research
July 17, 2019 / By Bud
Question: Oh Adonai, be exalted by my love coming in the heavens As rain, With so many drops upon You, my Lord, how could it Be said that my heart is vain. Accordingly, the sheep raises not an umbrella so that my Affection, my devotion, my admiration for You gets Everything in the heavens and on the earth wet, Wherefore, only the goats scream out, "Is he done, Yet!" For the beauty of Your everlasting reign expresses my Attraction to You symbolic to rain, Oh Adonai, ,y heart belongs to You, as well as, the Conscious thoughts in my brain. I love You, my God Sorry, that one line is "Oh Adonai, my heart belongs
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Aldford Aldford | 10 days ago
that is a very good peom. and im glad that you did some research on the old names of God, or maybe you just read a book...anyway i really like your poem and you should go somewhere with it.
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I'm with Pete on this one. Without any context, It doesn't make any sense to get someone here to help you write a poem. We could go completely off track. You'd be better off looking through existing poems (or songs) and finding one that you think is right. Here's a link to an article on famous love poems that might help you. Good luck.
Aldford Originally Answered: Can someone help write a love poem for a girl I like?
Tell her why she's designated. Be sincere. You might usee similies and metaphors. Example of simile: Your eyes are like stars. Examlpe of metaphor: You are a rose of immeasurable cosmetic. Read the poem aloud to determine the meter; many times poems sound humorous whilst the "rhythm" is off. If you desire it to rhyme, move like this to discover rhyming phrases: aool, bool, cool, dool, eool, idiot, gool--ghoul, hool, iool, jool--jewel, kool--cool, lool, mool...etc by way of the whole alphabet. Pick the phrase you favor, and use it. Or no less than, that is what I do. You are the artist Ultimately, simply write anything feels proper (:

Sylva Sylva
Georgeous!!! Its a lovely poem. You should seriously get that published!!! Dont ever quit writing. You have a great way with words!!!
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Rebecka Rebecka
im speechless, its proffesinal, ur not using baby words,.. amazing! if u write like 30 more you can make a VEERY famous book!! ILL BE SURE TO BUY IT ;-)
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