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June 17, 2019 / By Buddy
Question: Multiple Choice: Q1. Strategic planning is: a. short term, daily planning b. done by everyone within a business c. done by the owners or senior management of a business d. done individually Plz give me the correct answer correct answer i will give 5 out of 5!! thanks!!!
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Aldin Aldin | 1 day ago
Honestly, Its everything. So I choose e. All the above Although it is predominantly done by the owners or senior management of a business, business management comprises of all the points u had mentioned.
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Aldin Originally Answered: What do you do when you are studying business management? Are you able to work while you study?
You didn't provide any background about what you are doing currently? If working somewhere, suggest to continue with them. Make sure your bosses know you are studying for the program so that you can find the support from them (believe me you will need that if you are working while studying)
Aldin Originally Answered: What do you do when you are studying business management? Are you able to work while you study?
place Availability of things and transport at your promoting amenities the place doorstep customers pick them possession ability to pass call to Pizza sales (in promoting (possession) products or amenities from replace for rupees marketer to client or mastercard charge) to stay to tell the story, all businesses would desire to create application. Designing and promoting pick-satisfying products, amenities and proposals is the beginning up for the creation of application.administration guru, Peter F.Drucker emphasised the magnitude of promoting in hisclassic e book, The prepare of administration as: ‘If we'd pick to correctly known what a employer is, we've initiate with its purpose. And its purpose would desire to lie outdoors the employer itself. in actuality, it would desire to lie in society because of the fact that a employer employer is an organ of society. there is one valid definition of employer purpose: to create a client’.How does a company create a client? Guiltinan and Paul clarify it thisway: in fact, ‘turning out to be’ a client skill figuring out desires interior the industry, looking out which desires the business enterprise can profitably serve and coming up an offering to transform ability shoppers into shoppers. promoting managers are to blame for many the events had to create the shoppers the business enterprise needs, those events contain: figuring out client desires

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VC firms are sharks. Don't be surprised if they steal your idea after telling you they have no interest. You'd better have them sign multiple non-disclosure agreements and non-competes. If they balk at that, walk away from them. Research the firm 1st- make sure they have a legit track record and have paid for ideas in the past. Remember, they're there to make money, not to give it away (especially to a kid). Good luck!

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