I was not able to finish my last year college due to the economy and not being able to get a student loan.?

I was not able to finish my last year college due to the economy and not being able to get a student loan.? Topic: Gpa papers
June 17, 2019 / By Burt
Question: So my question is: how do I put my college information down on a resume with out it looking like I dropped out? I have a *** GPA of 3.8 and was was very involved in student life earning many achievements along the way. I have also completed all my required classes in my major, but still have some core classes left like bio and foreign language. This is a very frustrating situation because I have the knowledge but no piece of paper to substantiate it. Please help....
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Best Answers: I was not able to finish my last year college due to the economy and not being able to get a student loan.?

Aldis Aldis | 3 days ago
You could say you want to get some real world experience in your major before committing by graduating. Your GPA and student activities/accomplishments will support a purposeful college break, instead of an employer thinking you're a bum.
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Aldis Originally Answered: Declined for student loan?
I am sorry that your family is going through so many hardships at this time. I encourage to look into scholarships and free financial aid as alternative ways to pay for college. I have helped many students that did not qualify for student loans find free money to attend college. I won over $100,000 in scholarships to return to college, so can you! As a scholarship winner and college graduate, I have developed proven tips and techniques that helped me win over $100,000 in college scholarships and free financial aid. As an expert and professional financial aid consultant, I am devoted to helping others find, apply, and win free money to go to college. In my new book: “How to Submit a Winning Scholarship Application: SECRET Techniques I Used to Win $100,000 in College Scholarships”, I share my proven tips and techniques. Pre-order on Amazon today! I hope I was helpful. Sincerely, Shay Spivey Author of “How to Submit a Winning Scholarship Application” (2014)
Aldis Originally Answered: Declined for student loan?
I know this is stressful but you can only wait for the result of your application. If you have applied then see if there is any appeal procedure and if you have not applied then double check all the figures - perhaps the figures they need in relation to your mom's income is her net income not the whole business turnover etc.

Tabatha Tabatha
feel free to email me about it a little more, but I feel if the job requires that diploma for hiring I suggest getting a decent 10 to 12 an hr. job and paying for those extra classes on the side at like a 2 year finishing school remember a diploma is a diploma were ever you come from, but if the job is a trade or something like computer programming or music editing just put down that you learn this skill over time and practice on your own and try to set up a interview to show your skill, but usually when you get a job that a diploma is required they pay you a lot less then what someone with the diploma. Hope i have helped.
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Reene Reene
College loans often feel like free money when you first getting them and while you are attending school. This is because you don't have to make payments or worry about them while you are working toward your chosen career path, but what you have to remember is that the day will come when you find yourself not only facing your student debt, but likely looking for a job at the same time. This can be stressful time for any new graduate and their parents, but there is help.
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Reene Originally Answered: Student loan options?
The federal aid system is based on the premise that parents are responsible for paying for college to the best of their ability.. The purpose of the FAFSA isn't to determine support--it's to determine your parents ability to pay for college. So whether they actually support you or contribute to your college costs doesn't matter because the FAFSA is only trying to determine whether they have the ability to pay for college, not whether they actually do. As you've discovered, federal student loans are limited by the student's grade level and dependency status. The school can't give you more because they are bound by federal regulations. If your parents are willing to apply for a federal parent PLUS loan, they can borrow up to your entire cost of attendance if they are approved for it. If they are not approved, then the school will increase your own unsubsidized loan by several thousand dollars, depending on your grade level. Your parent is not required to take the loan even if approved for it, so if you're on good terms with them, you might want to see if they will do the application to see if they are denied and you are eligible for that additional unsubsidized funding. You may be able to obtain a private student loan from a bank or credit union, but in most cases, a student will need a credit worthy co-signer. This does not have to be a parent, so if you have another relative, such as a grandparent, who would be willing, that would solve it. If not, then I'm afraid there aren't really any other options except to modify your college plans--perhaps choose a less expensive college, or attend part time.

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