Did the cartoon of the police shooting the chimp refer to Pelosi or Obama?

Did the cartoon of the police shooting the chimp refer to Pelosi or Obama? Topic: Watch case show houses
June 17, 2019 / By Burton
Question: I assumed they were talking about Pelosi since Obama certainly did NOT write the spending bill. http://www.nypost.com/delonas/2009/02/02... "I thought Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and David Obey wrote the stimulus bill?... They see a cartoon of a dead chimp and immediately think of Obama? ... Who's the racist?" http://www.620wtmj.com/shows/jamestharri... That opinion was written by a black DJ. antimaro, Funny how you ignore the black DJ who said it was NOT about Obama. Is he racist? If they had drawn an ape climbing on the White House, that would have been targeted at Obama. Every picture of a monkey is NOT about Obama. Right?
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Best Answers: Did the cartoon of the police shooting the chimp refer to Pelosi or Obama?

Aldon Aldon | 4 days ago
You folks need to go back and repeat the 8th grade. Here's a short lesson just to refresh your memories, in case you were too busy smoking cigarettes and not going to class. We have three (3) branches of governement in the USA. The Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. The President is in the Executive branch - he does not draft (write) legislation; that is the job of the Legislature (House of Respresentatives and Senate). So, the monkey in the cartoon can not and does not refer to any President. Since it is a single monkey, it is also unlikely that it refers to any one person. Haven't any of you heard of the Infinite Monkey Theorum? It's only been around for about 100 years. Again, in case you've been too busy watching reality TV shows and never bothered to pick-up a book, here it is on the Wikipedia site.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Infinite_mo... Lastly. Former President George W. Bush was often mocked by internet bloggers for 8 years as beeing a chimp. Many many sites refer to him that way. Just do a Yahoo or Google search for the words Bush and Chimp and see what you come up with.
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Tabby Tabby
Get real people! The cartoon does not refer to ANYONE. NEITHER Speaker of the House Pelosi NOR President Obama wrote the new bill. What the NY Post is saying (in my mind at least) is that the bill was so poorly written (by Congressional Staffers - Don't you dare think that our Congressmen and women would bother to stay up late and draft a piece of legislation) that they probably had a monkey do it. Dah. As for any comparisons to President Obama...please note that people had been comparing former President Geo. W. Bush to a chimp for the past 8 years!
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Reenie Reenie
I thought it was about the Democrats that voted this Pork Stimulus bill into law. Since it was the Democrats in the House and Senate that actually wrote the bill. What about Holders statement yesterday. That was more racist then the cartoon.
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Michal Michal
The chimp in the cartoon refers to those responsible for writing the thing and all the big dumb Congresspersons, regardless of party that voted for the pork-packed "stimulus" package. If only it was so easy to get rid of them.
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Lewella Lewella
Intelligent people would know it is either about Pelosi or just meaning any crazed chimp could write such a bill. I thought it was offensive to make light of the chimp that was killed in a tragic manner.
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