Please help me understand the english of articles.two questions.?

Please help me understand the english of articles.two questions.? Topic: Examples of article writing in english
July 17, 2019 / By Buster
Question: when people say i like "something which is countable" , people say, i like dogs, i love cats.we put "s" on the end of noun. but if there were awesome tasty distinguished apples that only michael could make, ①i like the apples which are made by michael. ②i like apples which are made by michael. would both of them work ?  english with pair ①what beautiful eyes you have ! ②what a beautiful pair of eyes you have ! ③what a beautiful eye you have ! i guess this sentense is weird (;´▽`) which is or are the best expressions on the above grammar ? share me your powerful knowleage, would you ? thank you.
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Best Answers: Please help me understand the english of articles.two questions.?

Aldous Aldous | 5 days ago
I don't like either of your choices in the first example, but it depends to some extent on the context what I would say or write. I'd probably say something like "I like the way Michael prepares apples." When speaking of foods like fruits and vegetables, it sounds a little odd to an English speaker to say someone "made" them, unless the name of a certain dish, as it's called, is used, or the the method of preparing them is stated, or the fact that they've been prepared in some way is stated. So it sounds a little odd to say someone "made broccoli" because it sounds as if the cook actually magically created the broccoli (as opposed to buying it or picking it in the garden), but it sounds okay to say someone "made a broccoli casserole." Going back to your example, if the way Michael prepares the apples is by baking them, then I'd probably say "I like the way Michael makes [or prepares] baked apples" or "I like baked apples the way Michael prepares them." In the second example, number 1 is what a native speaker would say. It is unnecessary to say "pair of eyes" for the simple reason that everyone understands that "eyes" refers to two eyes, because that's what people normally have, two eyes. As you thought, the third sounds odd, as if the person you're speaking to has only one eye, or they have two eyes that don't look alike.
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I haven't actually noticed headings like that but I do agree with your comment about spelling and grammar. Nobody is expecting an English essay but some of the posts are frighteningly bad. 'Pregnit'. Writing our own 'vowels'. Walking up the 'isle'. Capitalizing every single word or not capitalizing any. No paragraph breaks. No punctuation. Sheesh!
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Tahnee Tahnee
in the first part, no one really says either 1 or 2, in part because the passive is weird here and in part because god makes apples, not michael. however, the point behind ur question can be made clearer with a. I like the rolls baked by the armenian bakers in glendale. b. i like rolls baked by ... the two do not mean the same thing, but both are grammatical. in the second part of ur q, 1 is natural, 2 is ok, 3 is bizarre unless ur talking to someone with one eye
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Reeta Reeta
Both of the first 2 questions are OK, but they have more words than you need. I like the apples that michael makes. I like the apples made by michael. I like michael's apples. All those sound much more natural. "What a beautiful pair of eyes you have." is OK to say, but again, shorter is better. "What beautiful eyes you have." sounds better. The second sentence sounds like you are trying to be very romantic. =) "What a beautiful eye you have." is correct, but maybe you shouldn't say this to anyone.
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Reeta Originally Answered: English Grammar Questions?
(Looping back from the end of my answer: Why did you make us read through the whole exchange when you only need to discuss #4? We're trying to help, please be kinder to us.) I agree with your answers except: that #4 is who. As a subordinating conjunction, "who" takes the form of its place in the subordinate clause (here, complement of "to be," i.e., nominative case) not in the main clause (object of the preposition "about"). Later on you include an answer that says the same as I've done here. I agree with it. Then you ask why you would use "he" in the same position. The answer is that "be" is not an action verb and never has an object. Nouns and adjectives after "be" when it's used alone as a verb are called complements, not objects, and are grammatically the same as if they were in the subject. Think of "be" as an equals sign in math; things on both sides of it are the same. "It was him" is acceptable in spoken U.S. English but is incorrect in formal written English, except of course when you're doing dialogue in quotation marks.

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