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Of mice and men help? Topic: How to write a timeline of my life
July 17, 2019 / By Byrne
Question: so i'm supposed to write a journal about of mice men, putting myself as one of the characters. but we have to have 10 entires (one for each day ie. ten days) but the book doesnt happen in ten days. how can i seperate the story to happen in 10 days? please help
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Aldridge Aldridge | 8 days ago
Do a biographical on each character and their introduction into the story via a timeline. A day in the life of each character (10 people ten days).
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Aldridge Originally Answered: Mice,mice,mice,mice,mice,mice!.
1. 2.rodent 3.all of the world 4. 5. 6. Its a savenger 7.mammal 8. 9. 10. Sorry I couldnt help with all

Talisha Talisha
I did an essay similar to this one but it has been a while since i studied this book but what i could recommend is that you could put Lenny's and ??? (forgot the characters name!!!) journey to the ranch. and the days after the book has finished. One characters reaction to what has happened. Sorry for not being much help i cant remember much more that happened in the book. All i remember is someone with a glove full of Vaseline, (or was that a dream????)
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Regena Regena
Start with the incident in Weed (make it up) Then the journey to the ranch Then the arrival at the ranch go on from there....
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Mickey Mickey
it doesnt have to be a day does it, cant it be a situation that happens in the morning and then one that night?
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