Hey all you writers out there:D I need help?

Hey all you writers out there:D I need help? Topic: Tell me about yourself example essay writing
June 17, 2019 / By Byron
Question: Okay so Im doing an essay and I need help. Okay so you have to write about a place that you like. and im writing about my living room. Can you give me some examples about YOUR living room that makes it a nice and fun place to be with people please
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Best Answers: Hey all you writers out there:D I need help?

Aldus Aldus | 9 days ago
You don't have to write about your living room, your teacher isn't going to come to your house just to see if your telling the truth. But still, try writing about pleasing attributes like the color of the walls or any art/antiques you have. Some other ideas are talk about the furniture and the objects in first two or so paragraphs, then wrap it up with a cheesy ending on what it means to you (teachers love that stuff). Just remember to use lots of descriptive verbs.
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Aldus Originally Answered: How to get over writers block?
So once you figure out whom, what, where, when, and why and I am assuming you have used a piece of paper and wrote in your words what is going to be the beginning, middle, climax and end The middle of the written piece should show that your character is trying to obtain something but some how keeps failiing or whatever the climax is them trying to overcome and so on. so the best way is instead of thinking about words or proper spelling just start thinking of it in a movie perspective and try to describe your story like you are telling a blind person. example 1: The green scarf went down the street along dead peoples ashes example 2: The soft summer breeze made the green scarf dance around the ashes of the brave Example 2 is more finished because thinking of someone that can't see you tend to beable to describe it better. (We all know the concept is flawed like a blind person probably doesn't know green) but the point is be as descriptive as you can be so the reader can picture it in their mind. So if you can think of it in a movie perspective this may help. So you know how people day dream? This is the best way to beable to start writing a story novel etc.

Tallula Tallula
The leak in the ceiling isn't over a chair, so you don't get all that wet in our living room. Our furniture is made up mostly of old pizza boxes, so if you get hungry, you can just rifle through the "couch" or "ottoman", and you might just find lunch. We have an X-Box hooked up to the TV, and as soon as we pay last months electric bill, we'll be able to play it.(The X-Box, not the electric bill.) The carpeting is multicolored.... Well, actually, my room mates barf is multicolored. We probably should clean up a bit. All in all, I must say that our living room is truly a fun, yet not so nice, place to be with people. People. Yeah, I guess that's what you would broadly classify the guys that I hang around with.
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Regina Regina
The floor is burnt orange which only makes the painting of a sunset on my wall all the more soothing. My red oak entertainment system houses my wide screen television. Here is where I can forget my worries by watching mindless action films or uplifting comedies. The shelves are full of games and books and useless trinkets received during the holidays. I have a window facing the south and the sun travels from one side of my room to the other as the day progresses. Like everyone else I have my favorite chair, with stains and lint filled crevices. It may not be pretty, but it sure is comfortable. On the wall below my window lies my DVD racks one poorly made one I got for christmas that falls apart if you put one too many DVDs in a row. My sofabed is on the wall opposite of the TV, here is where I hump my mistresses of the night. Upon the floor is bottles of soda or water, some empty and some not, all strewn about. Newspapers spread themselves out upon my coffee table, some making there way to the floor, only to be pissed on by evil cats who think they must mark their territory. Annoyingly the walls are covered in ceiling nubs, the kind that is unpleasant to touch and fall of if rubbed against. This I can thank my stepfather for, the neanderthal doesn't own a paint gun so he just sprayed it and called it good. Its been that way since I've been here and the walls are now turning yellow from time and smoke, but I am too lazy to scrape all that crap off. As you walk through my living room, it almost feels alive. That's because it is infested with millions of fruit flies that seemed to have spawn from a can of soy milk I left on the end table for too long. I don't have the heart to kill something created by my own folly so I let them live their pointless little lives. My living room is my favorite place in my house because my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are all even nastier.
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Midge Midge
Well, in the Winter, I love to enjoy a family "hang out" around the fireplace. The fire makes the room so toasty and the family just adds to the comfort. Also, there is a television that is a flat screen, and when we have big football games, basket ball games, or baseball, we invite family and friends to watch with us. The room is wide enough for everybody, and there are couches and arm chairs and everyone can sit and watch with ease. Okay, well, that was the best I could do for now. I hope I helped =]
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Lexie Lexie
My living room is a nice place because after school I can come home and relax. I can also spend time with family and friends and share conversations. Movie nights are always fun! Pop in a movie and pass the popcorn! When it is cold and snowy outside and can cuddle up on the couch and sip a warm cup of hot cocoa. Those are the things I like about my Living room.
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Juli Juli
my living room is a nice, fun and great environment. My living room can provide many different things. It provides a place to talk to friends and family. It can provide a nice and quiet place to read/write. It can be a place to relax. And that is why my living room is a nice and fun place.
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Githa Githa
Well, my living room is the center/heart of my family's life. It is connected to the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, and a bathroom. It is where I have all of my friends over. It is where I watch Blockbuster biggies. It is where I spend most of my day (excluding sleeping). It is where my family comes together to "reminis" or something like that. It is where I play my 360. It is my need.
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Derryl Derryl
me and my family have so much fun and so many memories. my little cousin took her first steps here and she said her first word too . very hard word she said george!! ha ha . my mom also won and giftcard with $100 to macys and we jumped up and down even though it wasnt that much!~you could write about any events that hapened there or any memories that u keep near and dear to ur heart. if u cant think of anything then try writing about another place.
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Derryl Originally Answered: How do you get rid of writers block?
Well, since you waited enough already and it STILL hasn't come, I suggest writing exercises unrelated to your books. Those can be found on the internet. You could also read (though I assume you've done so already). You could also have interviews with your characters (something I always find helpful) and get to know them better. Listening to music sometimes inspires me to write a scene. :) Good luck!

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